The Pros

Written by Cindy English

Beach weddings are popular but they do present "special issues".

Failing to consider these ahead of time could leave you unpleasantly surprised on your wedding day!

There is certainly nothing that should dissuade you from your vision of a beautiful seaside ceremony. As a matter of fact, there are many benefits.

Just knowrepparttar issues and plan for them. Your wedding day will be a wonderful and joyous event!

The "Pros"

* A beach wedding can be much cheaper than a traditional wedding. Who in this day and age can't afford to save money? It is said thatrepparttar 146447 average budget for a wedding these days is between $20,000 to $30,000! That is an enormous and unnecessary financial burden to be faced with!

Don't start off married life enslaved by your wedding day debts. If you have that kind of money to spend, fine, but if not, don't go there! Be practical and remember,repparttar 146448 day is what you, your loved ones and your friends make of it...not how much you spent on it!

* A beach wedding can be a casual affair. It allows everyone to relax. Your guests can dress comfortably and affordably. Often brides-to-be are unaware ofrepparttar 146449 financial strain they place on their wedding attendants and guests. Not everyone can afford to buy that wedding outfit.

* The wedding ceremony and reception can all be held right there onrepparttar 146450 beach. No need to travel to different locations. This is very convenient for everyone. Hey, evenrepparttar 146451 kids can have fun at a beach wedding!

* A beach wedding allows you to involve everyone inrepparttar 146452 activities. Guests are not restricted to sitting quietly in their seats. They can actually be a part ofrepparttar 146453 celebration! * Beach weddings don't always require a permit. If you are having a small ceremony and do not require a section ofrepparttar 146454 beach to be blocked off...just do it! Simple yet lovely!

* A beach wedding is a modern and refreshing change fromrepparttar 146455 "stodgy" traditional wedding. It allows your creativity and personality to shine through.

* There is no "right" or "wrong way" to plan a beach front wedding. It can be large, small, romantic, whimsical or even downright goofy! You can pay big bucks and hire everything out, or, you can be cheap and make everything yourself. The choice is completely yours!

The "Cons"

Endless Beach Wedding Themes

Written by Cindy English

If you are considering a beach wedding,repparttar ideas are as endless as your imagination!

One thing about choosing a beach wedding theme is that it allows you total creative freedom. Depending onrepparttar 146446 time of day,repparttar 146447 beach can setrepparttar 146448 mood. At sunrise or sunset, it is a place of serenity, beauty and romance. Mid-day, it isrepparttar 146449 hub of excitement, activity, and fun. By nature, a beautiful scene has already been set for you. There is no need for many decorations! Are you planning an intimate wedding with just a few guests? Letrepparttar 146450 beach help you setrepparttar 146451 stage for your romantic wedding ideas with a dawn or dusk seaside ceremony. The sunrise or sunset will provide a spectacular background for your wedding photos.

Onrepparttar 146452 other hand, if you want to "tellrepparttar 146453 world" and have a large gathering of people, consider a mid-summer day "beach-side bash" or fantasy beach wedding that includes your guests. That'srepparttar 146454 fun part of a beach wedding - your guests can participate. Everyone has fun!

Here are a few ideas to get you started...

* Be Cinderella with your Prince Charming. Have him placerepparttar 146455 "glass slipper" that fits on your foot as a symbol of your perfect union. You could hire a professional sand sculptor to build a beautiful sand castle as a background for your fairytale theme. Leave in a horse drawn carriage.

* Have a Pirate Wedding. Rent costumes and decorate with treasure chests fake gold coins and jewelry. Have a real treasure hunt. When you leave, sail off intorepparttar 146456 sunset.

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