The Proper Cleaning of Hard Contact Lenses

Written by Tim Gorman

Hard contact lenses are made of a material called polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). It is rigid and unlike soft contact lenses, does not contain much water. For this reasonrepparttar cleaning and upkeep of hard contact lenses differs somewhat from that of their soft counterparts.

Upon purchasing a pair of hard lenses, it is important to be sure that asrepparttar 147730 wearer, you have an extremely good understanding of how to care for your hard lenses. High on your list of priorities should be your choice of hard contact lens cleaner.

It goes without saying that before handling your hard lenses you must wash your hands thoroughly with soap. An antibacterial soap isrepparttar 147731 most appropriate choice but any will do just as long as it doesn't contain fragrance.

Next step is to removerepparttar 147732 lens from your eye with utmost care and gingerly put it inrepparttar 147733 center of your hand. Now it's time to get out your hard contact lens cleaner. Takerepparttar 147734 lens cleaner and apply approximately two to four drops (depending on how dirty it is) torepparttar 147735 lens. In a delicate manner workrepparttar 147736 solution intorepparttar 147737 hard lens for a period of around thirty seconds. Don't overdo it or you could tearrepparttar 147738 lens.

Pretty in Pink Contact Lenses

Written by Tim Gorman

Want a different eye color thanrepparttar one you were born with? No longer does anyone have to be satisfied with what biology gave them. Pink contact lenses, along with other colors, have found their way intorepparttar 147729 market and they are making quite a splash! Pink contact lenses are mainly worn for cosmetic purposes and generally are not for those needing a prescription to improve eyesight problems. Although it must be said that pink contact lenses still must be fitted by a professional eye care specialist and all lens wearers must followrepparttar 147730 same cleaning procedures as regular contact lens wearers do. Pink contact lenses are in a category all their own- meant for effect and to alter one's eye appearance, say for example for a special night out. Many people gorepparttar 147731 pretty in pink contact lens route just because they want to show some variety and have some fun.

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