The Process of 'Vivid Thinking' Which Makes Success Certain! - Part 1

Written by Jason Katzenback

The Process of “Vivid Thinking” Which Makes Success Certain” - Part 1 by: Jason Katzenback

Some principles are so simple that we often overlook their significance. For instance, success is lack of failure; each failure is due to some mistake; each mis­take in action originates in some mistake in thinking. To change from failure to suc­cess, it is necessary to develop those processes of thought which prevent mis­takes, and which lead to success.

There is a process of success. It is a dual process. The first step is vivid imaging in thinking. It isrepparttar subject of this chap­ter. The second step is idealized doing. It isrepparttar 142652 subject ofrepparttar 142653 next chapter. This dual process-vivid imaging and idealized doing -guarantees success. You have often been told that success comes torepparttar 142654 man who "uses his brain"- that is, torepparttar 142655 man who thinks. But mere thinking will not prevent him from making mistakes; neither will purposeful thinking, nor well thought out plans.

Thinking in vivid images isrepparttar 142656 only process which always prevents mistakes.

Even great experts make mistakes when they fail to think in vivid images.

The great Quebec Bridge fell down inrepparttar 142657 process of construction. Allrepparttar 142658 factors de­termining its construction had been given careful thought by great engineers. There had been months of exact figuring and cal­culation of stresses and strains. Certainly,repparttar 142659 engineers and constructors did not in­tend it to collapse, delay their work, injure their reputation as bridge builders, and cause loss of life.

Yet, it did collapse, and hence someone- evidently many engineers - made some serious mistake in thinking, overlooking some important factor. Can such mistakes in examining a plan-no matter what it is -be prevented? Can they always be pre­vented?

As you studyrepparttar 142660 failure ofrepparttar 142661 noted en­gineers who plannedrepparttar 142662 Quebec Bridge, andrepparttar 142663 colossal blunder ofrepparttar 142664 great engineers who planned two ofrepparttar 142665 subways of New York City, you will be convinced thatrepparttar 142666 most expert and careful thinking about a plan, andrepparttar 142667 most exact examination of it, do not guarantee success nor prevent fail­ure. You will also be convinced that noth­ing but vivid images can prevent such fail­ures.

Wealth Creation Investor

Written by Sean Rasmussen

Wealth creation is possiblyrepparttar most important word in an investors vocabulary. Imagine if you invested forrepparttar 142624 sake of fun, not caring which wayrepparttar 142625 investment went. Probably a nice scenario to be in, but maybe not so realistic. The bottom line is this: We want to profit from our investments. Sure we want it to be fun. The fun comes withrepparttar 142626 involvement ofrepparttar 142627 wealth creation investor. As you get better and more knowledgeable aboutrepparttar 142628 topic,repparttar 142629 more enjoyment you will find in this area of wealth creation. Needless to say that asrepparttar 142630 profits start rolling in,repparttar 142631 more you will enjoy your involvement with investing.

My personal journey so far has been short and fast in this area if investing. It has been a big learning curve inrepparttar 142632 world of wealth creation. Some investors I have met inrepparttar 142633 last 16 months are multi millionaires in their own right. Self made in their twenties, using common sense wealth creation concepts that we should all know. Most of us do already know them, but lackrepparttar 142634 courage to back ourselves. Maybe some simply write themselves off as “not capable” or not being inrepparttar 142635 wealth creation category, lackingrepparttar 142636 confidence ofrepparttar 142637 experienced stockmarket investor orrepparttar 142638 savvy property investor who confidently searches real estate markets for new bargains effortlessly.

They back themselves with confidence. They know what is possible if they put inrepparttar 142639 effort and believe in themselves. Maybe us small investors should back ourselves more in this world. To base decisions on your own experiences rather than holding back based on news stories, bad reviews and biased opinions based on little or no experience.

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