"The Power to Succeed."

Written by Neil Millar

It’s amazing how we fool ourselves... while atrepparttar same time believing we are doing what’s best.

Let me give you an example. I overheard a guy telling a group of friends, over drinks, how he had become fed-up with work. Guys being guys, they immediately started to come up with options to fixrepparttar 137614 problem – ideas like changing company and changing jobs. That was whenrepparttar 137615 guy got all logical…

‘Yeah, but I need to payrepparttar 137616 mortgage and my kid’s education and we’ve got a holiday planned forrepparttar 137617 Bahamas and…’

I interrupted. ‘How much do you need?’

‘A hundred grand a year,’ he replied.

‘What’s more important,’ I asked, ‘your happiness orrepparttar 137618 money?’

Of course he said happiness. Then he got all logical again. ‘But I can’t be happy unless I can payrepparttar 137619 mortgage and give my kidsrepparttar 137620 best and have great holidays.’

‘How many hours do you work?’

‘Around fifty.’

‘And how do you feel when you get home?’


‘What would your kids prefer, a father who is worn out for forty eight weeks ofrepparttar 137621 year but has four weeks to entertain them per year or a dad who is a real Dad all year round?’

The conversation went on, me questioning, him justifying what he perceived as logic.

Yet it’s not logic, is it? It’s not logic to deny your heart’s desire to change life when it’s hurting you. The mortgage,repparttar 137622 kid’s education,repparttar 137623 holidays are just stuff. And, like most people find after a heart attack or a divorce or an accident, is that this ‘stuff’ is not that important. What’s important is something else…

Job Search Tips - How to Increase Your Success

Written by Steve Kaye

Finding a job can be a painful and difficult experience. Here are three things that you can do to minimizerepparttar pain and increase your chances of success.

1) Approach finding a job as if it were a full-time job, because it is. Consider this: if you had a job, you would report to work atrepparttar 137585 same time each day (like 8 am), take an hour (or less) for lunch, and quit atrepparttar 137586 same time each day (like 5 pm). You would work five days every week. And you would work hard to accomplish as much as you could because your career depended upon it.

When you are searching for a job, you should followrepparttar 137587 same type of schedule because your future depends upon it.

Treating your job search like a part-time hobby guarantees that it will take longer. It even sets you up for failure.

In addition,repparttar 137588 lack of focused activity will create a sense of helplessness. That sends you into a downward emotional spiral that makes it increasingly difficult to find a job.

So, begin tomorrow by reporting to work and spendingrepparttar 137589 day on tasks that lead to a job.

2) Approach finding a job as if it were a project. That means you should set goals for yourself, make plans, and monitor your progress. You should apply all ofrepparttar 137590 tools and skills that you used in your last job torepparttar 137591 project of finding your next job.

As you must expect, this is an important project. The sooner you complete it,repparttar 137592 sooner you gain a promotion into a job.

3) Be your own boss. You must set expectations for what you need to accomplish. You must provide direction. And you must monitor your work.

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