The Power of the Proposal - Preparing Winning Tender Packages

Written by Mel-Lynda Andersen

The opportunity of a lifetime has found its way to your organization inrepparttar form of a Request for Proposal (RFP). You sharerepparttar 145016 RFP document withrepparttar 145017 members of your management team, and you begin planning your response strategy. That’s when you begin to realizerepparttar 145018 work that lies ahead.

Indeed,repparttar 145019 excitement that an RFP generates is often quickly tempered byrepparttar 145020 dawning realization ofrepparttar 145021 immense amount of toil that goes into competing for – and winning – that coveted government or private-sector contract. As always, it’s whenrepparttar 145022 stakes are highest that everyone on your team must shine their brightest and produce their best work.

You can help by breaking downrepparttar 145023 proposal into manageable parts, by assigning specific sections torepparttar 145024 appropriate individuals on your team, by establishing a series of realistic deadlines that allow for producing a polished looking proposal, and by ensuring thatrepparttar 145025 finished proposal contains both a strong call to action and allrepparttar 145026 required information specified inrepparttar 145027 RFP.

INCOMPAS can assist you in all phases of this process, or you can call us in atrepparttar 145028 very end, to assist you inrepparttar 145029 editing and final presentation of your proposal. To get you started, we’ve developed a point-by-point plan to assist you in preparing a winning proposal.


Proposal Preparation Plan

Be Informed:

· Readrepparttar 145030 RFP carefully, allrepparttar 145031 way through, at least three times, so that everyone in your organization has a thorough grasp of all requirements and expectations. The information that is crucial to your proposal will likely be scattered throughoutrepparttar 145032 RFP.

· Recognize and understandrepparttar 145033 proposal for what it is: a plan that identifies a need or problem, followed by effective strategies that meetrepparttar 145034 need or solverepparttar 145035 problem, a list of anticipated costs and an explanation of howrepparttar 145036 strategies’ progress and resulting benefits will be measured. Your proposal must contain a strong call to action, and it must be organized and concise, including all required information.

· Focus onrepparttar 145037 proposal evaluation criteria andrepparttar 145038 subsequent weight given to each proposal section. It is here that you will learn where to focus your efforts duringrepparttar 145039 preparation of your proposal.

Be Organized:

· Develop a proposal schedule by working backwards fromrepparttar 145040 due date, and stick to it. Establish separate due dates for financial information, allowing sufficient time to acquire more information and refine existing information. Hold regular meetings with your proposal teams to discuss strategies, progress and any roadblocks that are encountered alongrepparttar 145041 way. Make sure you factor in plenty of time for copying, binding and delivery of your proposal. Set aside additional time for distributing your proposal to your entire team, and make sure there is a qualified person on hand to proof-readrepparttar 145042 final document before it leaves your organization.

· Delegate and inform. In each section ofrepparttar 145043 RFP, specifyrepparttar 145044 individual who will be preparingrepparttar 145045 information for that section, and provide them with a guideline word or page count as well as a bulleted list ofrepparttar 145046 points to be covered in that section. Post important instructions, so that your team has easy access to information such asrepparttar 145047 proposal due date,repparttar 145048 number of required copies, delivery instructions, etc. Don’t complicate your team’s job by making them hunt for this information.

· Create an RFP binder to assist your team in quickly and easily accessingrepparttar 145049 information that applies to them, with allrepparttar 145050 sections clearly divided. Highlightrepparttar 145051 most important sections ofrepparttar 145052 RFP and flag them with post-it notes.

Want To Stop Leaving Your Prospects Feeling "Naked"? Use TheCurious "Power" Of Three!

Written by Craig Garber

Here's a fast... easy... "no-brainer" way, to make more money by improvingrepparttar selling power of your sales copy... "pulling" your prospects closer to you... and upping your credibility.

Many years ago, I was ridingrepparttar 144201 subway downtown to work one morning, and I overheard a woman saying she felt "naked" because she forgot to wear her earrings that day.

Since then, I've heard that expression used on other occasions, if someone's forgotten to wear their wedding band... their watch... or even their pantyhose.

Now of course, when you say you're feeling "naked", what you really mean, is... you feel "incomplete".

And whether you know it or not, you may be leaving your prospects feeling "incomplete" in your sales copy.

Here's why: Listen to each of these very familiar phrases, and tell me what they all have in common, O.K.?

Here you go:

"A B C"

"on your mark... get set... go" (inrepparttar 144202 UK, that would be "ready... steady... go")

"first, second, third"

"3 blind mice"

"3 wise men"

"The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" O.K., that's enough.

You see what each of these expressions has in common, right?

They each contain a sequence of three items, stated back-to-back.

Why is this important to know, and how can you use this to improve your sales copy?

The answer is simple: Because of all these common references you've heard over-and-over again throughout your life, your brain's been programmed to accept and understand things, when they're given to you in "threes".

You just feel more "at ease" processing information that's given to you in blocks of "three".

So make sure to use this “power” of three... in your sales copy!

Because if you want to make some money using your sales copy, you must get your prospects feeling as relaxed and comfortable as a grizzly bear, all snuggled up and hibernating in his nice warm cave.

Think about it: Whenever someone starts giving you a list of things, once you hearrepparttar 144203 second item on that list, don't you automatically anticipate, there's going to be a third?

Here's an example of what I mean: Let's say you own a hotel, and you're listing some ofrepparttar 144204 benefits of staying at your hotel, and you present them in bullets.

If you say this...

75 over-sized comfy rooms that each facerepparttar 144205 ocean! You'll want to make sure you've got your video camera handy as you're unwinding on your private balcony watchingrepparttar 144206 daily sunset, listening torepparttar 144207 waves roll up againstrepparttar 144208 shore right outside your window! 3, 5-Star restaurants! And each one of them offers you a minimum of 27 tasty meals and 11 local desserts, all prepared fresh, daily. (Plus, you get our "If you don't like it -- you don't pay for it, guarantee!") If you stop here... and then you move on with some other copy... it somehow leaves you with that "incomplete" feeling we just talked about, right?

However, if you said this:

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