The Power of the Meal

Written by Jesse S. Somer

Sincerepparttar beginning of time one aspect of human social experience has stood out asrepparttar 149444 ‘place to be’ for communication and family bonding:repparttar 149445 meal. In contemporary human liferepparttar 149446 evening dinner is oftenrepparttar 149447 only place and time that a family all sits down together. In tribal times (of course there are still tribes today)repparttar 149448 cooking of a slaughtered animal or cultivated vegetables broughtrepparttar 149449 group together to share ideas and feelings. Think about it these days; when you want to take someone out for a romantic date, meet business colleagues, get together with old friends and acquaintances, we go out for a bite to eat. What is it about sharing some food that puts us in such a relaxed and communicable state? Could it simply be science, andrepparttar 149450 fact that if you are tense when you eat,repparttar 149451 food doesn’t digest as well? Or, could it have some psychological basis having to do withrepparttar 149452 idea that you are sharing some life-giving sustenance with your fellow species instead of warring over it? Subconsciously do we recognizerepparttar 149453 facts that we will be able to live another day as well as sew healthy seeds for future generations?

Think of allrepparttar 149454 problems inrepparttar 149455 world today. Maybe if we all got together for a feast we could work out some practical solutions, say while sipping on coconut milk, or chewing on a loaf of bread. The current (14th) Dalai Lama is quoted as having said, “I sometimes think thatrepparttar 149456 act of bringing food is one ofrepparttar 149457 basic roots of all relationships.”

There is alsorepparttar 149458 idea of food as being a medium forrepparttar 149459 transferal of emotional energy. I am currently living with a friend who is very adept inrepparttar 149460 kitchen. He uses high quality ingredients and professional techniques, but he also followsrepparttar 149461 belief that what mood you are in,repparttar 149462 amount of effort and awareness you giverepparttar 149463 cooking process, andrepparttar 149464 love and gratitude that you feel forrepparttar 149465 ability to eat is imperative to making a good meal. I have read in a famous Hari Krishna cookbook as well as Taoist teachings howrepparttar 149466 actual emotions thatrepparttar 149467 cook feels when making a meal is transmitted intorepparttar 149468 food via chi energy. Feelings and food are both forms of energy. Native Americans believe that all thoughts and emotions are ‘alive’.

Barbeque Grilling has Reached a Whole New Dimension

Written by Valerie Giles

Grilling onrepparttar barbecue has never been more exciting. Not only do barbecues come in a myriad of designs and options, but also withrepparttar 149386 advent of popular cooking shows, cooking books and magazines’, grilling has reached a whole new dimension. Grilling is no longer just about steaks and burgers, barbecue grilling is full of adventurous and elegant recipes and menu plans. Some ofrepparttar 149387 tantalizing grilling ‘recipes have names like grilled mango blossom, grilled portobello’s with avocado salsa and grilled beef tenderloin with cabernet sauvignon sauce.

You’ll want to familiarize yourself withrepparttar 149388 barbecuing grilling basics before you start. The two most popular types of grilling arerepparttar 149389 indirect and direct grilling methods. The indirect method is a slow cooking process because less heat is used. One suggestion for indirect cooking is to use a disposable drip pan or foil placed underneathrepparttar 149390 food to be cooked, using tongs arrangerepparttar 149391 coals aroundrepparttar 149392 pan. The food is cooked byrepparttar 149393 hot air circulating aroundrepparttar 149394 food (similar to a convection oven) this process is great for cooking roasts. It’s always a good idea to check with your owner manual for your specific barbeque.

The direct grilling method is achieved by arrangingrepparttar 149395 coals (with long handled tongs) to spread evenly in a single layer, extending about one inch beyondrepparttar 149396 area of food. The food is then placed directly over fire. The direct grilling method is fast because ofrepparttar 149397 intense heat and allows for quick browning onrepparttar 149398 outside of foods. Direct grilling works best for food requiring short cooking times, such as burgers and steaks. It’s important to turn over food to allow cooking of both sides.

The three most popular ways of adding flavor to your selected grilling foods are with sauces, marinades and rubs. The sauce can be said to define a great barbecue, you can use a little sauce or a lot. A sample recipe for sauce is this maple barbecue sauce; combine equal amounts of maple syrup, ketchup and white wine add garlic, salt, pepper, thyme, basil, ginger and chili powder with a bay leaf, bring ingredients to a boil then reduce and let simmer. A sauce should be brushed on inrepparttar 149399 last five to ten minutes of grilling asrepparttar 149400 sugar can causerepparttar 149401 sauce to burn. There are a wide variety of barbecue sauces and recipes available.

Marinades are another way to change a mediocre meal into incredible. They are an excellent way to add flavor while tenderizing and promoting crisp brown exteriors. The three basic ingredients in marinades are flavorings (herbs, spices and sweeteners), oils and acids (citrus juices, wines, vinegars and yogurts). A simple marinade recipe isrepparttar 149402 lemon rosemary marinade. Mix shredded lemon peel, lemon juice, olive oil, sugar, white wine, rosemary, salt and pepper and pour over your selected meat, tofu, or vegetables in either a plastic sealable bag or shallow dish and refrigerate for one to two hours, remembering to shake bag or flip in dish half way through marinating process.

Rubs are a wonderful bold blend of seasonings, which are just asrepparttar 149403 name implies rubbed directly intorepparttar 149404 food. The food is rubbed with spices prior to grilling, transformingrepparttar 149405 rub into a crunchy brown crust that seals inrepparttar 149406 juices and enhancesrepparttar 149407 flavors. A very basic rub recipe is this herb rub; equal amounts of dried rosemary, dried thyme, dried minced onion, dried minced garlic, with smaller amounts of salt and pepper combine all ingredients in a food processor until coarsely ground. Sprinkle mixture evenly over meat, then rub in with fingers. Store in a covered container inrepparttar 149408 refrigerator for 15 minutes to two hours, and then grill.

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