The Power of the BLOG

Written by Matt Bacak - The Powerful Promoter

Can a Blog earn you a prison sentence? Ask Mojtaba Saminejad. He is an Iranian whose Blog, published inrepparttar Farsi language, earned him a two-year prison sentence in June 2005.

The online community is fast waking up torepparttar 145031 power of blogs which have spread acrossrepparttar 145032 internet like wild fire. If you are still grappling withrepparttar 145033 word BLOG, these are online websites which are diary-like in approach and people are free to publish news or their ideas and thoughts. Blogs are very popular as they are simple to use and in most cases, free.

However, professional bloggers (people who have a decent no. of hours of blogging to their credit) will admit that blogging is not as easy as waking up inrepparttar 145034 morning, checking out some posts and putting together a few witty lines before you brush your teeth. You do need to be knowledgeable aboutrepparttar 145035 subject you are writing on or you are likely to be torn apart by people who are.

Having a Blog has its own set of inherent advantages which are obvious and some which are not so obvious. The better known advantages are:

Freedom to express: If you like to build a chain of communication and use that as food for thought and for your existence, a BLOG isrepparttar 145036 best way to create this outlet. You can express your opinion openly and you just might be surprised byrepparttar 145037 number of people who would agree with you. Such communication channels also help build momentum for a particular line of thought.

Networking at its best: If you own a blog which has genuine exchange of ideas it can evolve onto a good platform to network and grow your business. It is easier to impress potential customers with a strong and valid point of view rather than a price quote.

Excellent advertising platform: The sheer size of community generated at a popular blog provides an excellent advertising platform for advertisers. Withrepparttar 145038 hunger for new advertising platforms which is both innovative and cost effective, blogs seems likerepparttar 145039 next location forrepparttar 145040 big bucks of advertisers.

Make Money Blogging

Written by Matt Bacak

You have created a blog and your blog is dedicated to a niche industry. Have you ever thought thatrepparttar blog could make money for you? We would look here in this article, ways and means, to make money blogging. Lets first have a look at what arerepparttar 145030 prerequisites for a blog needed to make money: 1. Blog needs to be dedicated to a niche market. 2. Updated regularly. 3. Enough back links (Don't worry for it. Directory submission would be enough to begin with) 4. Good blog host or application (blogger, Xanga or typepad recommended), and 5. High quality articles or news items supported with images. Getrepparttar 145031 above criteria in place and Hurrah... You are ready to Make Money Blogging.

Top 5 Ways to Make Money Blogging Lets now take a look at top 5 ways using which you could make money blogging: 1. Google Adsense Google Adsense delivers text and image ads torepparttar 145032 authorized websites/blogs depending onrepparttar 145033 content ofrepparttar 145034 website. Small code is required to be pasted at proper locations on a webpage and Google automatically recognizesrepparttar 145035 page. Google sharesrepparttar 145036 revenue it gets fromrepparttar 145037 advertisers whenever a visitor clicks on these ads. Google bills advertisers on price per click basis (PPC). Advertisers are required to pay only when any visitor clicks on their ads. They bid against each other forrepparttar 145038 keywords in order to receive better placement and thus prices for each keyword differ from one another. It is better to choose keywords for your blog which pays high $ per click. 2. Amazon Amazon Associate program is another important way to make money blogging. The Amazon Associate program gives opportunity to website/blog publishers to promote any product from its inventory by adding a predefined code to their website/blog, which, when clicked by a visitor, takes them torepparttar 145039 relevant product page. Oncerepparttar 145040 visitor buysrepparttar 145041 product,repparttar 145042 blog owner will be compensated with a commission.

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