The Power of the A-Z Presentation

Written by J

The Power ofrepparttar A-Z Presentation

When someone asked me, 'John, what isrepparttar 105939 #1 reason why people fail in their own Network Marketing business?', I said with 110% confidence, “It is because they customize their presentations to each person assuming what their prospect will find exciting.” This mindset will definitely set you up for failure!

Let me repeat myself…the decision to customize your presentation for each individual prospect will demolish your possibility of creatingrepparttar 105940 results that you desire through your business. I speak with 110% belief about this fact, because no one every prospected me. I answered an ad and created my very own multi-million dollar Net-work Marketing business fromrepparttar 105941 ground up.

I was living in New York, which is home to millions of people. You would think that out of all of these people someone would have prospected me for Network Marketing, but they prejudged me. They instantly looked at me and said to themselves, “This young stuttering kid just couldn't do it… he could never build a business.”

Well, they were wrong!

The key to success isrepparttar 105942 power of duplication, which is simply showingrepparttar 105943 same presentation over and over again. You need to be presenting repparttar 105944 entire business from A to Z to each and every one of your prospects, because you have no idea what is going on inside them as you sharerepparttar 105945 business. You'll see immediate results when you get into a zone of showingrepparttar 105946 plan and then showingrepparttar 105947 plan again and again inrepparttar 105948 same fashion, which will increase your belief and create dramatic results.

You need to show your business exactlyrepparttar 105949 same way to each prospectevery time you present your program for two primary reasons:

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