The Power of Your Ego in Writing Online Copy

Written by Joe Vitale

I obey one main rule when writing copy forrepparttar online world: Get out of my ego and into my reader's ego. It's a basic marketing truth that shouldn't be violated anywhere. Yet it's violated every day online. Let me explain.

One day I receivedrepparttar 129834 following email:

Dear Mr. Vitale, Your name was mentioned on a site that I came upon while I was looking for informational material to market onrepparttar 129835 Internet. Can you PLEASE, give me some feedback on this. The site is Thank you for you time.

I took a quick peak at his site. If you did, too, you saw that his site is a sales letter. There is nothing in that headline to appeal to your ego in a way that is acceptable online.

Off-line that sort of hard-sell headline might work. On-line it won't. Why? Because it is too sales oriented. It looks and reads too much like an ad. If you think of your reader's ego, you wouldn't post something so heavy-handed online. Instead, you would give them information they want. Information they can use. Think of it this way: Write your website copy as if you are writing a how-to booklet or a news release. Give facts. Give details. Give specifics. I might rather write this fellow's website as a special report onrepparttar 129836 rise of e-books inrepparttar 129837 new millennium. I might even give pointers on how to write your own e-books. In short, get out of your ego and into your visitor's ego. Appeal to their interests and they will eventually show interest in yours.

Let's look at another example.

Hello Mr. Fire, I am not a copy writer but I am trying to write a copy that sells my information product. Can you please check out my website and tell me whats wrong withrepparttar 129838 copy I have now. Thank you for your time.

Did you take a look at his site? Same problem asrepparttar 129839 one before it. It's written by a person trying to make a sale. That meansrepparttar 129840 copywriter was writing to his own ego, not to mine or yours. Again, to transform this or any other website, think of what your READER wants to see, not what you want to sell. Think about it. Don't you care more about what interests you, than what interests me?

I might rewrite this fellow's website by writing a news release or a special report on "The Top 10 New Ways to Make Money Online." I'd researchrepparttar 129841 top ways, too, list them, explain them, and make what he wants to sell just one ofrepparttar 129842 new ways to make money online. It'srepparttar 129843 traditional way to sell anything with a news release: Simply plug your product or service within a story of genuine news.

Are You Ready To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

Written by John Colanzi

Are You Ready To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone? by John Colanzi

It's amazing how long it took me to actually start writing and submitting articles for publication.

I knew allrepparttar reasons for writing articles, but still bulked atrepparttar 129833 idea of writing my own articles. Who would want to hear my feeble ramblings?

I kept placing my ads and sending out my newsletter and generally stayed in my comfortable rut. I was onrepparttar 129834 slow boat to China.

Then one day I got sick and had to spend a week inrepparttar 129835 hospital. The doctors told me I couldn't work for at least a year.

I guess I was likerepparttar 129836 stubborn mule onrepparttar 129837 farm. The only way to get his attention is to hit him onrepparttar 129838 side ofrepparttar 129839 head with a two by four.

Well I'd just been hit and it was time for this mule to either pack it in or break down my mental barriers.

I started by writing articles for my newsletter. I still wasn't ready to start submitting them. I guessrepparttar 129840 lick torepparttar 129841 head wasn't hard enough.

Low and behold some of my readers started sending in positive feedback. Wow! That was a rush I hadn't counted on.

I started stepping uprepparttar 129842 pace. Maybe somebody would read my ramblings. Then I started getting requests from readers who wanted to share them. I hadn't counted on this either.

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