The Power of Topical Search Engines

Written by S. Housley

What are Topical Search Engines? Simply put, topical search engines are search engines focused on a specific industry, sector or topic.

While many marketers are scrambling for links, any links, an area that is often overlooked is topic-specific search engines. What many don't realize is that these engines do produce traffic, and they often contain traffic that is very targeted. Anyone who has takenrepparttar time to analyze weblogs and track sales sources will likely see that targeted traffic converts at a significantly higher rate than non-targeted traffic.

A savvy online marketer realizes that often,repparttar 135691 quality ofrepparttar 135692 visitor is far more important thanrepparttar 135693 quantity of visitors. Web marketers should focus their energies on attracting targeted traffic whenever possible.

For example, if you sell saddles, advertising on a site related to horses or advertising on a topical search engine like will bring significantly more sales than advertising on a generic web site or search engine.

Niche engines are considerably smaller than general search engines but they can still be quite lucrative. The small size of a niche or topic-specific engine ensures thatrepparttar 135694 there are few competitors, and advertisers are generally willing to pay a little more forrepparttar 135695 focused traffic. Advertisers appreciaterepparttar 135696 unique benefit of reaching a very targeted audience who have a higher likelihood of purchasing their product or service. As a result, topic-specific search engines and directories are a burgeoning market. There is far less competition in niche directories and dominating a specific market segment and establishing brand recognition is significantly easier.

It is virtual suicide to attempt to compete withrepparttar 135697 behemoth search engines like Google. Web-surfers are interested in simplicity and efficiency, which translates to as few clicks as possible. This is an area where Google really cannot compete with a topic-specific search engine. Creating a simple, clear navigational structure of related content while cross-promoting related products or services will increaserepparttar 135698 site's value.

Trying and trying to Submit to Yahoo!

Written by Alison Berke Morano

Getting into Yahoo! is a definite coup for any website. Yahoo! has ruledrepparttar "Search Engine Roost" since it was started way back when. Overrepparttar 128439 years, it has become increasingly difficult to get your website listed in this Internet Directory.

One ofrepparttar 128440 reasons that Yahoo! can be so discriminating is because each site that makes it intorepparttar 128441 directory is added by hand. Unlike most Search Engines that have 'robots' that breeze through your website, take what they want, and add you to their list of 10,000's (100,000's?) of sites - Yahoo! literally goes through each site individually and decides whether you make it or not.

We have a few tips for you to make your life easier:

1. First and foremost, it's a fact: Yahoo! does want your money. If you pay them $199, they WILL review your site within 7 days, and may - or may not - add you to their directory. And, they do NOT promise you will get in. Only that they will review your site withinrepparttar 128442 time frame they promised. However, I have noticed that this is not a money-grabbing ploy. If you submit your site properly and appropriately, you should breeze right in. Usually,repparttar 128443 sites that do not make it are generally questionable in nature (although they do have a $600 Adult Site Submission), or are incomplete and unfinished.

***Note: Yahoo! will NOT list your website in it's main op level categories anymore withoutrepparttar 128444 $199 submission fee. However, you can still submit to Regional/local Categoriesrepparttar 128445 old-fashioned way.****

Here are guidelines that we highly recommend, especially if you're paying for your submission - you really want it to be accepted, right?:

a. Make sure you chooserepparttar 128446 appropriate category. Do several searches for comparable sites and chooserepparttar 128447 best one for your website.

b. Your site MUST be complete. NO "Under Construction" signs, or "Stay Tuned" notices anywhere, that is a definite disqualifier.

c. Make sure you fillrepparttar 128448 form out completely - fill in contact information and ANY other applicable information.

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