The Power of Online Friendship

Written by Timothy Ward

Friendship is a word that is seldom heard aroundrepparttar World Wide Web. Everyone seems to be doing his/her own thing, and don't seem really concerned aboutrepparttar 125144 other guy. This is only natural consideringrepparttar 125145 nature ofrepparttar 125146 Internet. But creating friendships withrepparttar 125147 right people onrepparttar 125148 internet could actually benefit you and help your online business or website.

A good example of what I mean by 'the right people onrepparttar 125149 internet', are ezine publishers. Ezine publishers have a lot of power and influence onrepparttar 125150 internet. In a virtual world filled with so-called 'gurus' and 'experts', ezine publishers are unique because they actually get to prove their expertise week after week, issue after issue. This allows their subscribers to get to know them and develop a trust in what they say. 'Trust', that's a word you don't hear often onrepparttar 125151 Web. The point is ezine publishers have a large base of subscribers who take their word as truth, and look to them for advice.

Now imagine how much your online business or website would benefit, if an ezine publisher with a moderate number of subscribers mentioned your business in their ezine and said something like 'My friend _______ has a new oppurtunity that I think you might enjoy." Becauserepparttar 125152 publisher is trusted byrepparttar 125153 subscribers and he/she called you 'friend', you are now considered trustworthy and your website or advertisement will be given more thanrepparttar 125154 usual consideration. So you can see, just from that one example,repparttar 125155 benefits of gaining a ezine publishers friendship. But how can you go about doing this?

Double Your Income With This Best Kept Business Secret

Written by Leigh Butler

What isrepparttar one element that your business can't survive without? Here's a clue. Without effective implementation of this one element, your business is sure to fail.

Is it a great business plan? Is it dynamite web copy that sells? Is it super products and services for your niche market? Or is it ...?

Andrepparttar 125143 million dollar answer is ...

Drum roll please. Promotion! Your business can not survive without promotion.

But, not just a little promoting here and there. I mean consistent promotion. You should spend at least 80% of your work time promoting your business.

I'm sure you are asking yourself what I mean by promoting your business. Advertising and marketing your product or service. Branding your business name. These are forms of promotion.

Now I'm sure you are asking yourself why you should spend 80% of your time promoting. Well, how do you expect customers to find your product or service if you don't promote?

Just because you have a great product or service and killer web copy doesn't mean customers are going to come running to your website to buy.

Oh! And did you realize that a customer sometimes has to see your promotion up to seven times before they buy? That's why it is important that you get your message out over and over again.

Remember this:

More Promoting = More Customers

More Customers = More Sales

More Sales = More Profit

Finding enough time to effectively promote a business can be difficult, especially for online business owners who have to balance business management with promoting.

Business management usually includes such tasks as:

*Replying to customer emails

*Answering telephone calls

*Publishing ezines/newsletters

*Reading emails, ezines, articles, and web copy

*Website maintenance

*Finding fresh content, new promotion methods, and new places to promote


From this incomplete list you can see how business management can easily take uprepparttar 125144 majority of your time. Butrepparttar 125145 bottom line is that you need to spend more time promoting and less managing.

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