The Power of Appreciation

Written by Lisa van den Berg

I was driving downrepparttar highwayrepparttar 123920 other day. I was inrepparttar 123921 slow lane, adhering torepparttar 123922 speed limit, when suddenlyrepparttar 123923 truck in front of me had to brake sharply because of a slow moving truck in front of him. I was in one of those situations where I wouldn’t have enough time to brake to avoid an accident and couldn’t overtake because of a car coming up fast inrepparttar 123924 overtake lane.

As if seeing my predicament,repparttar 123925 driver inrepparttar 123926 overtake lane quickly moved torepparttar 123927 fast lane, thus freeing uprepparttar 123928 space I needed to avoid hittingrepparttar 123929 back ofrepparttar 123930 truck. As he drove past me we looked at each other at precisely repparttar 123931 same moment and both raised our hands to say ‘Thank You’.

I was really touched by this spontaneous ‘meeting’ of our two spirits. For that split second we were in complete harmony with each other. What he had done for me (withoutrepparttar 123932 usual issues of dominance onrepparttar 123933 road) had most probably helped me avoid a serious accident.

It really brought home to me what a powerful forcerepparttar 123934 ‘power of appreciation’ is.

How differently we react when someone answers our angry comment with a kind word. What a difference it makes when someone takesrepparttar 123935 time to listen when we need to talk.

Next time someone does something for you, take a minute and express your sincere appreciation. I mean really express it.

10 Things Between You and A Great Life

Written by Kathy Gates

1. Unfinished business: Free yourself fromrepparttar past by identifying and cleaning up your unfinished business. Call an end to whatever you started - a project, a diet, a feud, a commitment - by dumping it, delegating it, or doing it.

2. Ignoringrepparttar 123919 Present: Today is a result of allrepparttar 123920 Today's that came before it. A well lived present will naturally produce wonderful future. Save a dollar today, and you'll have a dollar tomorrow. Eat 500 calories less today, and you'll lose weight tomorrow. Only what you do TODAY can affect tomorrow.

3. No Priorities: Never trade what you want atrepparttar 123921 moment, for what you wantrepparttar 123922 most. If you just react torepparttar 123923 next thing that gets your attention, you'll never have enough time for what is important. Don't schedule your time around your priorities.schedule your Priorities around your time.

4. Betraying yourself: Telling lies to yourself isrepparttar 123924 most hurtful form of disrespect. Write outrepparttar 123925 ways in which you have been untruthful to yourself, and how you can change that. "I will no longer pretend that what I put into my mouth doesn't matter." "I will no longer pretend that overspending my budget is ok."

5. People Pleasing: If you always say yes even when you want to say no, you will find yourself unhappily going throughrepparttar 123926 motions of living, giving control of your time, energy, and spirit to anyone who asks for it. Free yourself by learning to quietly assert your boundaries.

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