The Power of 'because...'

Written by Robert F. Abbott

"Do it!", "Do it now!", or "Do it because..."

Which of these commands is most likely to getrepparttar response you want?

If you pickedrepparttar 151096 third,repparttar 151097 one that includes 'because', you'd be right. Of course, if you're a parent, aunt, or uncle you may know that already.

The idea behind 'because...' is to provide an explanation or rationalization forrepparttar 151098 request you're making. In other words,repparttar 151099 command or request is not just an arbitrary exercise of power on your part -- it's a reasoned request or command.

In a broader sense, 'because' provides context, which we've often discussed in this newsletter. Context provides a framework for specific communication. For example, "Please review this contract before we mail it out, because a mistake could cost us thousands of dollars."

A number of Internet entrepreneurs report they've testedrepparttar 151100 use of 'because' in their advertising copy and found it worked. I've used it myself onrepparttar 151101 home page of Abbott's Communication Letter where visitors are invited to subscribe.

I haven't tested to see whether or not it makes a difference. But I do know it helps inrepparttar 151102 copy writing process.

It helps because it pushes me to make a connection between an action and a consequence of that action. For example, "Wear a helmet when you ride your bike, because it will help you avoid head injuries if you fall." In this case, wearing a helmet isrepparttar 151103 action; avoiding a head injury isrepparttar 151104 consequence.

Do you make this big mistake writing your articles?

Written by Chen Zarza

Inrepparttar marketing world if you want to be a prosperous individual, you need to getrepparttar 150530 skill of copy writing, immerse into this skill is mandatory, this proficiency is vital ingredient to survive in there, every sales letter must be carefully “designed” going fromrepparttar 150531 headline throughrepparttar 150532 P.S.

As a marketer, if you want to go far away, you knowrepparttar 150533 best way to get targeted traffic to your website: writing articles, this expose you at your client's eyes like an expert in your field, or maybe you are a knowledgeable people writing with other goals in mind. Anyway, whateverrepparttar 150534 reason is, you need to hold your reader's attention up...

Here isrepparttar 150535 first and most important part of your article:repparttar 150536 headline, but don't get me wrong, I'm not sayingrepparttar 150537 headline is your article... I want to say: if someone read your headline and it doesn't grasp his/her attention, is over... you know this true.

The headlines is so important and is justrepparttar 150538 tip ofrepparttar 150539 iceberg!... Acquirerepparttar 150540 skill of creating catching headlines, believe me this is priceless, it gives you enormous advantages.... of course, if you master it.

Whyrepparttar 150541 headline is important?. now listen to this carefully: Headlines are your first contact withrepparttar 150542 reader, is your chance to convince him/her to go on reading your article, isrepparttar 150543 first door and must work really well. It isrepparttar 150544 opening of your message, let me warning you: if you fail to recognizerepparttar 150545 importance ofrepparttar 150546 headlines you are lost...

The headline is so crucial that is knew asrepparttar 150547 king inrepparttar 150548 copywritting world, why it must be different when you write an Article?.... I don't believe there is difference at all, after a long time of creating articles I realizedrepparttar 150549 supreme importance of this writing communication component.

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