The Power Of The "Niche" - Choosing Keywords People Actually Use

Written by Jill St Claire, President - JSC Marketing, LLC

Keywords and keyphrases arerepparttar search words and terms Internet surfers use to findrepparttar 127823 products, services or information they are looking for.

Choosingrepparttar 127824 right keywords and phrases for your search engine optimization (SEO) program is critical to its success. The right keywords drive targeted traffic to your website - prospects that are ready to buy. The wrong keywords attract web visitors that are not likely to purchase your products and services - wasting everyone's time and your money.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to determinerepparttar 127825 right mix of keywords and phrases that will generate targeted prospects to your website. Remember that good search terms are those that are related to your business and have sufficient monthly search traffic.

Rule #1 Select keywords that represent your company's "bread and butter." What products and service lines arerepparttar 127826 most profitable, haverepparttar 127827 strongest sales, and continue to show good market demand. And yes, typicallyrepparttar 127828 80/20 rule applies here. 80% of your sales and sales leads are produced by 20% of your keywords and phrases.

Rule #2 Look at complementary products and services that people tend to buy that you don't offer. Often, these keywords generate good prospects and typically have less competition than your primary keywords and phrases.

Rule #3 Use online tools to help determine keyword variations and search frequency. The best free programs to use include Overture's search term suggestion tool - and Google's AdWords suggestion tool -

Rule #4 Use WordTracker - For a small fee, you can use this tool to find niche keywords, userepparttar 127829 thesaurus to find related search terms and determine general monthly search frequency. This is a great tool and worthrepparttar 127830 investment.

Rule #5 Use pay-per-click programs like Overture or Google's AdWords to choose keywords and phrases for your SEO program. Both programs help you generate search terms based on specific keyword relationships and show how often they are searched for. Set a small monthly budget and trackrepparttar 127831 number of keyword impressions you receive for each search term. After one to two months of data, chooserepparttar 127832 search terms with adequate search frequency and incorporate them into your search engine optimization program.

How to get your site a top ranking in Google

Written by Paul Bliss

It'srepparttar new American dream. Your website appears in a top spot on Google for your chosen keyword. Next thing you know, orders start coming in faster than you can handle, and you are rolling inrepparttar 127822 money. If only it were so easy, right?


It can be done. I've done it many times in many different industries. There is no secret, but rather, it's just knowing what to do. I've made just about every mistake one can make with a website, but I learned from every setback. If you were only allowed to do one thing to get ranked for your site in Google, without a doubt, all you'd need to do is get links for your site.

Yes, there are many other factors involved in getting your site to a top position. But this isrepparttar 127823 most powerful way as of this writing to get a top spot in Google. It's not just enough to have links pointing to your site, but you need to have your keyword "anchor linked" to your site. Anchor linking is when you use your keyword phrase asrepparttar 127824 click-able text for a link. So, instead of saying "Click Here", you would use "Widgets" asrepparttar 127825 link text.

Now, another point of consideration is determening what keyword/phrase you want to use to get your site found. Most times, people impulsively choose a one word phrase. While this would be a great way to bring traffic to your site, would it bring targeted traffic, with people looking specifically for your product or service? Most times when people type in a one letter keyphrase, they are inrepparttar 127826 beginning of their search.

They may type in "Shoes", but are really looking for "Running Shoes". So, if you have a top ranking for shoes, do you serve that user's needs? Maybe, but they may also be looking for dress, casual, Women's, Men's, Children's, athletic, girl's, boy's, etc. This is why when you begin to optimize your site, you should focus on more targeted keyword phrases.

Suppose you sell a certain brand name of dress shoes. For this example, we'll callrepparttar 127827 famous brand XYZ. So, by getting anchor links as "XYZ Dress Shoes", you are already eliminating those users who are looking for another brand or line of shoe. Next, you need to make sure thatrepparttar 127828 page that gets linked containsrepparttar 127829 onrepparttar 127830 page content with "XYZ Dress Shoes". If you would link to a page without relevant content, Google would view this link as possible spam, or more appropriately, irrelevant content.

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