The Power Of ONE...A Marketer's Dream

Written by Lois R. Thompson

Can you recruit just ONE Person a month? You can become extremely wealthy, simply by recruiting just One person a month into a viable Network Marketing/MLM or Affiliate Program.

Although many strive to recruit many people all at once, if you will focus on recruiting One Person at a time you can become extremely wealthy. This process can realistically achieve wealth in just 12-18 months, for most any Network Marketing/MLM or Affiliate Program.

Just ONE! Usingrepparttar principle of DUPLICATION, recruit one, recruit that is Ready, Willing and Committed to recruit Just ONE new member each month, forrepparttar 122587 next 12-18 months. That new recruit, should also be one that is Ready, Willing and Committed to recruit Just One new member each month forrepparttar 122588 next 12-18 months.

This Is The Principle Of DUPLICATION!

This Is The POWER OF ONE! The Power Of Network Marketing!

It Is Simple But Very POWERFUL! All that you have to do is, use your Ability, Attitude, And Your Commitment To Succeed.

Your Ability:

Your Ability is whatever is comfortable for you that works for you. That could be contacting and recruiting one Person a week or ten people a week.

Your Attitude:

Your Attitude is of utmost importance and very powerful. It isrepparttar 122589 deciding factor to your degree of success in any venture. If for example, your attitude is negative, then give your-self a check-up from your neck up. Because if your attitude is NOT a Positive One you will fail in any venture.

You will then be one of those who sit back and watchrepparttar 122590 rest of us succeed while you continue to find excuses... bad attitude.

Your Commitment:

Your Commitment isrepparttar 122591 final factor that will decide how far You Will Go, if at all. You must be committed to putting in whatever time and effort it takes to achieving your goal.

Never Give In To Obstacles! Never! Never Give Up!

Be consistent, one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time. Remain Focused And Committed To YOUR Goal.

Remind Yourself:

If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me. I Can, I Must And I Will Make It Happen!

This simple method of Duplication creates a very powerful doubling effect. If you could double your efforts each and every month while teaching others to dorepparttar 122592 same, DUPLICATING your business, You can become extremely rich in a very short period of time.

Putting Your Game Plan Together

Written by Lois R. Thompson

Inrepparttar last chapter Getting Your Priorities Straight, you learned how to develop a vision and goal for your life.

In this chapter we will talk more in depth about creating your goals. Once again, a lot of this information will be repeated several times.

Are you shooting inrepparttar 122586 dark or do you have a well-organized and effective game plan in place for achieving your life's goals?

Let us say that you have been planningrepparttar 122587 vacation of your dreams. You find yourself so excited that you pass most of your time daydreaming aboutrepparttar 122588 fun you will haverepparttar 122589 things you will do on your trip rather than making a detailed plan. The departure date rolls around and you are all packed and ready to go. You arrive safely atrepparttar 122590 airport only to realize that you cannot find your departure gate because you do not know what your flight number is and to make matters worse - you cannot remember what airline you booked with. At this point you are not even sure if you were to fly to Vienna first or to Geneva. This isrepparttar 122591 beginning of your dream vacation of a lifetime.

Of course, you would never actually allow such a scenario for your dream vacation. Yet, so many people treat their business in just that manner. Lack of planning and disorganization combined will not producerepparttar 122592 results we desire.

Putting you game plan together is a critical element to your success. Your game plan is simply your business plan. Consider your game planrepparttar 122593 foundation of your business. Without a foundationrepparttar 122594 business cannot stand.

To formulate your game plan you need to create a workable plan and then you need to CONSISTENTLY work that plan. Creating this plan will be one ofrepparttar 122595 most rewarding things you ever do. You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you can seerepparttar 122596 fruits of your labor after working your plan. There is something very satisfying about making a commitment, sticking with it and seeingrepparttar 122597 results.

Most people who start a business online do so by leaping in, without any real commitment, a sense of direction or any real understanding ofrepparttar 122598 implications associated with success or failure. Many gain that understanding later, usually at a great cost.

Most ofrepparttar 122599 Web’s “Newbies” are excited aboutrepparttar 122600 obvious potential of “Working From Home…Income Potential”, but don’t have a clue as to how they can turn that potential into real income. Onrepparttar 122601 other hand, there arerepparttar 122602 “Professionals” who have masteredrepparttar 122603 critical skills that bridgerepparttar 122604 huge gap between potential and reality.

Whilerepparttar 122605 Professional are busy mastering their skills and reaping great wealth,repparttar 122606 Newbies most of whom are barely earning enough to maintain their online expenses) are becoming discouraged byrepparttar 122607 lack of accomplishment and consequently jump from one business opportunity torepparttar 122608 next in utter frustration.

Currently, I spend a good deal of time in New York where there are tons of skyscrapers. Can you imagine what would happen ifrepparttar 122609 visionaries who developed those skyscrapers did not takerepparttar 122610 time to develop a plan or a blueprint to layrepparttar 122611 foundation for each of those skyscrapers? The end result would be unspeakable. The same is true for your business. If it is to lastrepparttar 122612 test of time and achieve your goal, you will be required to lay your foundation.

So, get yourself a cup of tea, hitrepparttar 122613 recliner and get your notebook ready. You’re going to write a few things down. Do not forget it is important to write things down as writing some how locks things in more than just thinking about them. It is after all, scientifically proven thatrepparttar 122614 exercise of writing has a significant effect onrepparttar 122615 neurological system.

You game plan should be clear, simple and direct. Its focus should be on where you are going, when you will arrive there and by what means you will get there. Remember, you are going to need to journal for this.

Are you ready? Great! Let’s get started!

Formulating Your Plan

Know thatrepparttar 122616 game plan that you commit to will set you free if you take action and give it your best effort.

At first you will formulate a long-term plan. Then working backward from that long-term plan you will create a daily plan. You will know exactly what you want and see clearly how you are going get it.

Construction ofrepparttar 122617 plan:

Write in your journal exactly where you would like to be in 5 years. Immediately under that write in big bold letters, “I COMMIT TO DOING WHAT IS REQUIRED OF ME TO ACCOMPLISH MY GOALS”. Keep things simple. In constructing you plan you are going to begin working backward from a long-term plan to a daily plan. You need to create a list daily – your “Things To Do Today” list. With this you will know exactly what is required of you on a daily basis to get where you want to be and how you are going to go about getting on there in small steps.

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