The Power Of Combining Golf Swing Basics With Exercise

Written by Mike Pedersen

When training in good golf swing basics is combined withrepparttar right exercise program,repparttar 144828 results can be nothing short of miraculous.

Takerepparttar 144829 superb performances witnessed in junior golfers likerepparttar 144830 Song sisters, Ty Tyron and Michelle Wie. The amazingly high level of performance of these very young junior golfers has often been discussed. Several theories and reasons have been brought forward. Most of them are not true. For example a common belief is that these younger golfers perform better and respond better to golf swing basics taught because of their flexibility. This is absolutely NOT TRUE.

The difference between junior golfers and adults is usually strength and not flexibility. I have personally worked with hundreds of junior golfers and I have watched in amazement as a very short period of time of doing strength exercises has yielded increases in their golf drives of as much as a whole 50 yards.

Achieving The Perfect Golf Swing Drill

Written by Mike Pedersen

The perfect golf swing drill is a joy to behold. And yet it is not too hard to achieve.

The perfect golf swing drill starts with a proper back swing withrepparttar golf club swung right back torepparttar 144767 limit of your body. At this segment ofrepparttar 144768 perfect golf swing drill your mind should be preparing forrepparttar 144769 rotation of your body andrepparttar 144770 arm extension.

Next,repparttar 144771 movements ofrepparttar 144772 perfect golf swing drill moves torepparttar 144773 down swing, which starts withrepparttar 144774 lower part ofrepparttar 144775 body, includingrepparttar 144776 legs and hips. A transfer of weight will take place from back to front withrepparttar 144777 knees, thighs and hips all moving forward.

The perfect golf swing drill ends withrepparttar 144778 body weight onrepparttar 144779 outside ofrepparttar 144780 front heel andrepparttar 144781 inside ofrepparttar 144782 rear foot.

Perfect golf swing drill is easy when your body is prepared and conditioned to achieve it. However perfect golf swing drill can be very difficult for a golfer not involved in any golf specific exercise designed to condition and prepare their muscles and body in general forrepparttar 144783 strain and pressure that golf usually brings.

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