"The Power Of CGI Forms" (Part 2)

Written by Larry Johnson

This isrepparttar second in a series of "How-to-do-it" articles forrepparttar 125029 beginner or pro online. It outlinesrepparttar 125030 uses of CGI Forms, and why you need them now.

In our previous article we discussedrepparttar 125031 power of using autoresponders to automate many of your daily tasks.

Capturingrepparttar 125032 e-mail addresses of those who send for your autoresponder is one ofrepparttar 125033 many benefits of using them.

This article detailsrepparttar 125034 use of CGI forms, another great time-saving device that every serious webmaster needs to incorportate into their online business efforts.

Forms do more than allow you to getrepparttar 125035 customer's e-mail address. You may also get their name, mailing address, occupation, etc. In fact, you are limited only by your imagination as torepparttar 125036 information you may ask for on your form.

Here is a simple example of form on one of my sites:

Barter Your Way To Success

Written by Elizabeth Sinclair

Barter Your Way To Success By Elizabeth Sinclair

You do not have to spend your hard earned cash to establish an internet presence.

Barter your way to success! Simply defined, bartering isrepparttar trading of goods and services withoutrepparttar 125028 exchange of money. You can save thousands of dollars annually on advertising costs by paticipating in barter exchanges.

If you have a product or service you are trying to sell onrepparttar 125029 internet, you need to increase your website exposure, spendingrepparttar 125030 least amount of money as possible. Bartering is free advertising for your product or service. For example, an ezine owner may have extra ad space they would like to use in a barter exchange. You would offerrepparttar 125031 ezine owner your product or service for free in exchange for free advertising in their newsletter.

Bartering is also a great way of obtaining a product or service you need for free. Once you findrepparttar 125032 product or service you are looking for, offerrepparttar 125033 owner a fair exchange. If you have a newsletter with a high subscriber base, offer free advertising in your newsletter in exchange for their product or service. Or if you can create professional looking graphics, offer to design free graphics forrepparttar 125034 owner's website in exchange for their product or service. The possibilities are endless.

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