The Power Of A Story

Written by Lisa Packer

If you want your marketing to be effective, you absolutely must connect emotionally with your prospects. And one ofrepparttar best ways to do that is by telling a story.

A good story disarms your reader or listener. He forgets for a moment that you are trying to sell him something and instead relates with what is happening in your story. He connects emotionally with what is happening, and eventually (atrepparttar 145614 end) with your product or service.

And he remembers what you’ve told him far longer, because stories stick with us much longer than facts. A good story speaks straight torepparttar 145615 heart and forges a lasting emotional connection.

Building a good story is not as hard as you might think. Even if you’re not a writer, you tell stories allrepparttar 145616 time – about your day, about Aunt Rosie, aboutrepparttar 145617 funny things your kids do.

Every good story has three things: characters, conflict, and a climax/resolution. Your characters are simply who your story happens to. They can be people, or things like a car, or a business. There really is no limit other than your imagination. Just remember thatrepparttar 145618 best characters have unique personalities. It’srepparttar 145619 characters that make us relate torepparttar 145620 story.

The Lead: Sinking The Hook Into Your Prospect

Written by Lisa Packer

You only have an instant to capture your prospect’s attention. No matterrepparttar medium – a sales letter, print ad, or commercial – she’s going to make an almost instantaneous decision about whether you are worth her time or not. So you’d better start off with a bang.

Hopefully, you already have a good headline. The words that come after it are your lead, and it’s their job to sinkrepparttar 145613 hook into your prospect and keep her reading or listening until you can convince her that you arerepparttar 145614 answer to her prayers.

Here you introduce your Big Promise. Not just another benefit, butrepparttar 145615 Granddaddy of all benefits. The One that will reach down into her heart and stimulate some emotion. The One that taps into her core desires.

But you don’t just tell her how your widget will change her life. And you absolutely, positively, never talk about yourself or your company here. Here, you show her what it will be like when she’s experiencing that Big Benefit.

Help her to see herself lying onrepparttar 145616 beach, sipping a Pina Colada because she took your correspondence course. Show her lying inrepparttar 145617 grass, looking atrepparttar 145618 clouds with her five-year-old because your widget saved her so much time.

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