The Power Behind Words...

Written by George Papazoglou

If you had a magic wand, how would you use it?

What do Actors, Politicians, Businessmen, Marketers, Diplomats, Writers and other influential classes of people use, to gain our loyalty and reliance?

? what? It'srepparttar dominant Power of Words.

Think about it...

 Most, if not all ofrepparttar 126028 recognizable authorities in virtually every industry, accrue their success torepparttar 126029 Power of Words.

 Words are your "stealth" mental weapon to virtually achieve every goal you set. 

 Using Words like a Magic Wand, you can:

* Indirectly compel people to be in agreement with you.

* Improve your social affairs and gain recognition.

* Getrepparttar 126030 job you always wanted.

* Close Multi-Million Dollar contracts.

* Seducerepparttar 126031 Opposite Sex.

* Raise Capital - Sway Investors - Lure Prospective People.

* Put into actionrepparttar 126032 Hidden Power behind Mind Control.

Plus a plethora of every kind of "achievement" you can think of.

Your life, career, business, relationships are directly affected byrepparttar 126033 way you form your correlations withrepparttar 126034 expression of words.


Written by John W. Sammon

I'd like to personally thank a number of people forrepparttar screwed up messrepparttar 126027 country is in today. First of all, I'd like to thank President Bush, who pursued a war while ignoring intelligence that contradicted his beliefs, resulting inrepparttar 126028 very quagmire I predicted months ago. Next, I'd like to thank his lunatic defense secretary, who continues to downplayrepparttar 126029 insurgent attacks against American troops as merelyrepparttar 126030 handiwork of bandits and supporters of Saddam. His ability to deny truth that's as plain asrepparttar 126031 nose on my face is truly remarkable. Next, I'd like to thankrepparttar 126032 Democrat Party, most of who meekly went along with Bush, failed in their responsibility torepparttar 126033 American people to debate an issue as important as this, and even today don't haverepparttar 126034 guts to admit maybe they were wrong. I'd like to thankrepparttar 126035 gutless newspaper editors and directors of major media for their yellow streak in refusing to ask tough questions lest they be called "unpatriotic," and who were swayed in their handling of this mess merely by money, ratings andrepparttar 126036 corporate status quo. I'd like to thankrepparttar 126037 head Dixie Chick, who as her name implies, like newspaper editors did, turned chicken when her career (and money) were threatened, and instead of havingrepparttar 126038 gumption to stand up for her rights torepparttar 126039 flag waving zealots and becoming a heroic figure (like actor John Garfield duringrepparttar 126040 McCarthy witch hunts), succumbed to black list pressure. I'd like to thank Vice President Dick Cheney, whose former company tookrepparttar 126041 rebuilding job for Iraq with no competing bids from other companies, who's never served inrepparttar 126042 military, and who's never failed once to profit fromrepparttar 126043 misfortune of others.

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