The Power Behind 'Mini-Prayers'

Written by Alan Tutt

The Power Behind 'Mini-Prayers' by Alan Tutt

We have all heard that our beliefs shape our lives. Some will say that our beliefs will influencerepparttar Universe to become what we believe it will be. Others say that our beliefs simply directrepparttar 122193 course of our actions, which in turn shaperepparttar 122194 pathway we take through life. Either way, I'm sure you will see thatrepparttar 122195 more your beliefs allow you to take a rewarding pathway,repparttar 122196 more rewarding life will become. And a tool that is used quite often for changing beliefs is called an affirmation.

Affirmations are generally used as a sort of 'mini-prayer'. If there is something that you want in your life,repparttar 122197 general instructions are to repeat an affirmation that basically says that you already have it, and this will influencerepparttar 122198 causative force (eitherrepparttar 122199 Universe or your behavior patterns) to bring it into your life. In other words, if you want a fulfilling relationship in your life (assuming you don't already have one), then you would repeat to yourself "I am loved by a very special person who makes me feel wonderful. I am in a very rewarding relationship that fulfills my every desire." By repeating this affirmation, you will eventually find that desired relationship.

Of course, there is much more torepparttar 122200 process than this, but you getrepparttar 122201 basic idea. Whatever affirmation you have decided to work with,repparttar 122202 guidelines are to repeat it to yourself over and over again hundreds of times over a period of time, like a week or so. The question that most people have at this point is not "What makes affirmations work?", but rather "What kind of affirmations will work best for me?".

The True Importance Of Gift Giving

Written by Alan Tutt

The True Importance Of Gift Giving by Alan Tutt

Although many people balk atrepparttar commercialization that has taken place around Christmas, it is important for us to realizerepparttar 122192 prosperous results of gift giving.

As much as anyone, I wish thatrepparttar 122193 true meaning of Christmas was advertised as much asrepparttar 122194 "Incredible Savings - This Week Only" deals ofrepparttar 122195 season. But even though shopkeepers depend on Christmas gift-giving to generate a profit forrepparttar 122196 whole year, it is up to us to maintain our focus upon what is truly important.

Before I start, however, I want to mention thatrepparttar 122197 benefits of gift-giving are not limited to only those who followrepparttar 122198 Christian faith, nor are they limited torepparttar 122199 Christmas season. In our society, we are much more familiar withrepparttar 122200 tradition of gift-giving as it applies torepparttar 122201 holiday season, but a quick review of other cultures will find other examples.

One ofrepparttar 122202 primary benefits of gift giving isrepparttar 122203 good feeling you get when you do something good for someone special. There's a magical moment when you watchrepparttar 122204 recipient ofrepparttar 122205 gift unwraprepparttar 122206 package and discoverrepparttar 122207 treasure that you've wisely chosen for them. When their eyes widen as they realize what you have done to demonstrate their importance in your life, your spirit responds with a warm glow that builds fromrepparttar 122208 inside out, and you have confirmation that you have created a little more prosperity inrepparttar 122209 world.

Some people find that they don't experience this warm glow from their inner spirit. In fact, some people experience a feeling of loss or impoverishment. Those people will find that their mental focus is onrepparttar 122210 cost ofrepparttar 122211 gift and not onrepparttar 122212 blessings that it has created forrepparttar 122213 other person. The attitude in which a gift is given is actually much more important thanrepparttar 122214 gift itself.

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