"The Potential of Publishing your Own Ezine"

Written by Justin Blake

============================= "The Potential of Publishing your Own Ezine" by Justin Blake =============================

There seems to be a bit controversy over what really makes a marketer a living on-line.

It seems that everyone out there insists they haverepparttar "perfect program", orrepparttar 125070 "perfect pay plan" that will make you a millionaire practically over night. All you have to do is join either for free, or pay a small fee anywhere between $5.00 to $500.00 and up.

To be honest, 99.9% of all these programs and pay plans won't make you a dime. It is sad but true.

Only a select few on-line marketers actually make money or sign up affiliates from these programs.

99% ofrepparttar 125071 "Lucky" .01% peoples have their own Newsletter or Ezine. This isrepparttar 125072 only way to make a living on line.

Publishing your own ezine/newsletter, staying in contact and offering honest, high quality content to your subscribers will raise your sales success rate anywhere between 30% and 50%.

Without a quality ezine/newsletter your chances are a slim 1% to 15% depending on your sales letter, product/service demand and targeted audience.

With a response of only 1% to 15% chances are you will spend more money onrepparttar 125073 leads and advertising than you will make in return profit.

(Trust me. I have been losing money onrepparttar 125074 net for years before I started my own ezine. It's a good thing I learn from my mistakes ;-)

With your own ezine/newsletter you are almost guaranteed to make sales and a profit every time you send an issue or a solo ad.

( Many people don't like solo ads, so you must use them responsibly. Do not abuse your list or you will soon be receiving more UN-Subscribe requests than Subscribe requests along with some nasty messages. These nasty messages can kill your motivation and belief in yourself.

Thus comesrepparttar 125075 death of your ezine/newsletter and your reputation! If you acquire a bad reputation onrepparttar 125076 net then chances are you will always have that bad reputation and you can kiss your dreams of making a living on-line good bye forever.

Or until everyone forgets about your name a few years later.

But why take a chance like that?! It is simply not worth it just to make a few sales.

Honest marketers always prevail inrepparttar 125077 long run. ( Please read that last line again. )

Now with that said, I will continue.

With your own ezine/newsletter you are advertising to a targeted audience over and over again for FREE !

Sell Books While You Sleep: Submit Short Articles to Multiple Web Sites

Written by Judy Cullins

Have you wasted valuable time and money on book promotion that doesn't work? Have your press releases been ignored? Have you been too quiet about gettingrepparttar word out how your book will help solve people's problems?

Passion and creativity went into your book, now it's time to put passion and creativity into promoting it! Since no one really cares as much about your book as you do, then take time to learn this new, effective way to sell books.

Know thatrepparttar 125069 world wide Web audience wants and needs your information your expertise, how-to's, your experience or entertainment.

If you are willing to take four-five actions each day to promote your products, you will have successful sales. Follow these steps to learn how to promote your book on line and make big sales:

Step One.

Do what you do best--write! Create several short "how-to" articles, short stories, poetry or humor, anywhere from 75-1200 words.

Prepare several lengths ofrepparttar 125070 same article. For one eMagazine I submitted a seventy-five-word article on how to write a short article. For a top business Web site, I expanded it to 900 words. For some, I only submit 400-500 word articles.

Take responsibility for book promotion yourself. If your publisher's sales disappoint you, your own marketing weak, you can still create ongoing, lifelong profits.

Online promotion is great if you are totally bashful or reluctant to "sell." You don't have to talk to anyone in person. You promote straight from your home or office.

Now, that's convenience! Learnrepparttar 125071 basics from teleclasses and seminars, an Online Promotion Coach,repparttar 125072 internet, and professional networking organizations.

Step Three.

Develop Internet savvy. When you don't take this step, you will hang back, and stay stuck in fear. Action spurs you on.

Take a free community college course, or visit your library for help. In just three hours, I learned about search engines, and other basics.

If you are like me and are passionate to succeed, then hire a coach or virtual assistant from a local high school or tech school to move you forward much faster.

Jump in and get yourself an email address and try out surfing. You won't need a Web site right away, but authors should eventually have one.

Step Four.

Visitrepparttar 125073 top Web sites in your field. Without them, your book won't get much exposure. Many authors report only a few sales from their own sites.

High traffic web sites are always looking for new material (your articles) to entice their visitors to come back, again and again. Their ezines reach from 2000 to 500,000 each issue! That's great free exposure for you. Notice their signals: "New material added daily."

In turn, they will put your "signature" which includesrepparttar 125074 title of your book andrepparttar 125075 Web address where it can be purchased.

It doesn't have to be your Web site. With just one short article posted in a ezine, one bookcoaching client received eight emails asking for more information.

These responses givesrepparttar 125076 author another chance at a sale, and to be known asrepparttar 125077 market expert. Many authors are professional coaches, consultants or therapists, so whenrepparttar 125078 person contacts them, they can mention these other services.

Step Five.

Run a search onrepparttar 125079 top search engines to findrepparttar 125080 top ten Web sites in your field. Go to www.google.com, or www.yahoo.com. Perhaps your subject is women's self care. Think ofrepparttar 125081 key words or meta tags these sites would use for people to easily find them.

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