The Polygraph As A Truth Detector

Written by William Trevino

The polygraph as a truth detector



The B.C. Civil Liberties Association believes that there is convincing evidence to suggest thatrepparttar use ofrepparttar 119223 polygraph is arbitrary, subjective, biased toward accusations of guilt and claims of very high validity are scientifically indefensible. However, even if one is not willing to be persuaded by evidence on these matters, one must admit, atrepparttar 119224 very least, that there is no scientific opinion whatsoever concerningrepparttar 119225 validity of polygraph testing. In fact, there is extremely wide divergence overrepparttar 119226 validity ofrepparttar 119227 test.

In these circumstances,repparttar 119228 onus is clearly onrepparttar 119229 proponents ofrepparttar 119230 polygraph test to establish a convincing scientific case forrepparttar 119231 claims of high validity that are made by polygraph operators. In other words,repparttar 119232 burden of proof rests withrepparttar 119233 lie detector industry to satisfyrepparttar 119234 scientific community and legislators that there is convincing evidence to support claims of ninety percent or greater accuracy that are commonly made by polygraph operators. Without such agreement, it seems utterly irresponsible to allowrepparttar 119235 use of such a device in situations where it may ultimately interfere withrepparttar 119236 liberty of innocent citizens.

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association urgesrepparttar 119237 Government of British Columbia to followrepparttar 119238 example of Ontario in banningrepparttar 119239 mandatory use of polygraphs by employers inrepparttar 119240 province. We would go further: sincerepparttar 119241 evidence we have presented throws considerable shadows of doubt onrepparttar 119242 usefulness ofrepparttar 119243 polygraph test per se, we see no useful purpose forrepparttar 119244 procedure as either screening procedure for police candidates, or inrepparttar 119245 court system generally, both of which are uses allowed by Ontario, though there is no convincing evidence in support ofrepparttar 119246 test in any situation. Ontario's compendium of information, includingrepparttar 119247 Morand Report, in their 1983 amendment to their Employment Standards Act leads one to conclusions very similar torepparttar 119248 B.C. Civil Liberties Association's:repparttar 119249 polygraph test is a humbug of subjective, arbitrary and contradictory procedures that does not detect lies or guilt any more effectively, and in many cases not as well (because of procedural and machine bias), as interviews and cross examination that are already common tools of psychology, police work andrepparttar 119250 courts. The compounded danger inrepparttar 119251 instances of polygraphs lies inrepparttar 119252 sanctioned role that untrained persons with crude devices play in harrying innocent persons in commercial and legal settings. To paraphrase an expert, it isrepparttar 119253 idiocy of idiocies. We urge its removal as an avenue of arbitrary persecution.

Hodgepodge Justice

Written by Terry Dashner

“Hodgepodge thoughts regarding Justice”

I think you will agree with me that Hitler and his Nazi party stand out as one ofrepparttar most repugnant memories inrepparttar 119222 annals of history. The question I raise is this: Wererepparttar 119223 nations that condemnedrepparttar 119224 Nazis atrepparttar 119225 Nuremberg trials justified in rendering justice? Now before you question my sanity, please readrepparttar 119226 following lines patiently. If positive law philosophy and macroevolution (theory that holds torepparttar 119227 idea that all varieties of life forms emanated from a single cell or “common ancestor.”) arerepparttar 119228 highest law by which to bring condemnation upon another human being or sovereign nation, then all sovereign nations haverepparttar 119229 right to do good or do evil, and no other sovereign nation can holdrepparttar 119230 other accountable for its perceived crimes. Follow me. This gets clearer.

As social Darwinism and nationalism merged in Germany duringrepparttar 119231 early twentieth century,repparttar 119232 concept of fostering a genetically superior race calledrepparttar 119233 Volk (the people) was established. The idea ofrepparttar 119234 Volk was extended to various biological analogies, shaped byrepparttar 119235 contemporary beliefs of heredity, and designed to protect Germany from ‘racial inferiority.’ The German’s were trying to perfect eugenics,repparttar 119236 science that investigates methods involvingrepparttar 119237 betterment ofrepparttar 119238 genetic composition ofrepparttar 119239 human race. (In this caserepparttar 119240 Aryan race.) One of their goals was to eliminaterepparttar 119241 ‘inferior’ races and offspring and preserverepparttar 119242 ‘better’ progeny. (This method is perfectly consistent with macroevolution and central principle,repparttar 119243 survival ofrepparttar 119244 fittest.) Nazi Germany figured if they could winrepparttar 119245 war and purgerepparttar 119246 world of Jews and other undesirables, they could rulerepparttar 119247 world as a “revived Roman Empire” to last a thousand years.

Again I ask you: Can America, or any other country, charge German officials with crimes against humanity? Especially since Germany felt it had a national obligation to achieve genetic purity? The research being conducted atrepparttar 119248 death camps was in accordance with Nazi law, and Nazi law defined what was right and just—in a word, what was legal. Dr. Geisler, in his book that he co-authored with Peter Bocchino entitled, Unshakable Foundations (Bethany House), makes a sobering and poignant comment that’s worth repeating here. He writes, “As long as naturalistic macroevolution and positive law arerepparttar 119249 dominating scientific and legal viewpoints both in theory (education) and in practice (law), we runrepparttar 119250 risk of returning to one ofrepparttar 119251 darkest eras inrepparttar 119252 history ofrepparttar 119253 human race.” If we continue teaching our children thatrepparttar 119254 law ofrepparttar 119255 state isrepparttar 119256 highest law inrepparttar 119257 universe, and man is simply a product of natural selection, then we are doomed to repeatrepparttar 119258 evils ofrepparttar 119259 past.

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