The Politics of Torture

Written by Scott C. Smith

Whenrepparttar now-infamous photographs of Iraqi prisoners being sexually humiliated atrepparttar 125978 hands of U.S. military police were made public, reaction was nearly unanimous: disgust and outrage thatrepparttar 125979 U.S. military were abusing prisoners atrepparttar 125980 same prison Saddam Hussein used to torture Iraqis. President George W. Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and others inrepparttar 125981 Bush administration quickly condemnedrepparttar 125982 photographs, with Bush promising an investigation. In his May 15 radio address, Bush said, “My administration and our military are determined that such abuses never happen again.”

Curiously, right-wing pundits took a different view ofrepparttar 125983 photographs. Rush Limbaugh proclaimedrepparttar 125984 abuse was nothing more thanrepparttar 125985 troops “blowing some steam off.” Limbaugh also comparedrepparttar 125986 abuse to fraternity hazing rituals, and finally, in what must berepparttar 125987 most tenuous leap of logic in radio history, blamedrepparttar 125988 whole abuse scandal on Bill Clinton. On May 14, Limbaugh said, “So while all this is going on,repparttar 125989 Democrats are claiming this is a chain-of-command thing, and they're trying to get this linked allrepparttar 125990 way to Bush, this is happening because of Bush's example, this is happening because Bush doesn't care, this is happening because Bush doesn't use any discipline, this is because it comes fromrepparttar 125991 top. I would believe that if Bill Clinton were still in office. If Bill Clinton were still in office, I could acceptrepparttar 125992 notion this might come fromrepparttar 125993 top and, in fact, depending onrepparttar 125994 age of these soldiers over there they may in fact be. How many stories have we had lately, oral sex is a great way to stop teen pregnancy? That oral sex is a great way to have safe sex, just had one this week. Who popularized oral sex forrepparttar 125995 nation? And who was defended day in and day out royally for doing so? Bill Clinton. And who defended him? The Democrats who now find all kinds of atrocities in these photos coming out of Abu Ghraib prison.”

Brilliant! The real reasonrepparttar 125996 prisoner abuse occurred had nothing to do with a breakdown inrepparttar 125997 chain of command. It was because of Bill Clinton’s sexual activities!

Other conservatives pointed out thatrepparttar 125998 Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib were not “boy scouts” and, apparently, deserved to be sexually humiliated.

Asrepparttar 125999 conservative position onrepparttar 126000 Abu Ghraib abuse scandal shifted away from reality, I’m sure some began to see that their audience was not agreeing with their positions, which were pretty much out of step fromrepparttar 126001 reaction of most Americans. Conservative pundits, I believe, have a need to protect George W. Bush. They know deep down that Dubya isn’trepparttar 126002 greatest president inrepparttar 126003 world, but since he’s Republican, they will do whatever they can to deflect attention away from Bush and his administration.

The Declaration of RE-Independence

Written by James Sorrell

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