The Politics of Freedom

Written by Kathy Simcox

The war on terror should not be a political war. It should not be a war pitting Republican against Democrat or Christian against Muslim. The war on terror is a war on evil. There have been countless wars in our world that to some extent have protected against some level of evil. But this evil we fight today is an evil more bitter, more deadly, than anything you or I have ever lived to see. It is an evil so deeply rooted in hatred that it will take a very long time, if ever, to defeat. I am against war not because I am a Democrat or a peace-loving hippie, but because my Christian values tell me killing is wrong; because my Christian values tell me to love my Muslim brothers and sisters even though they worship God differently than I do; and because my Christian values tell me that its wrong to kill millions of innocent people, on both sides, because of those differences. I support

The Apartheid Wall Saga Continues

Written by Aritro Ganguly

The Apartheid Wall saga continues

Terje Roed-Larsen,repparttar UN special coordinator inrepparttar 125970 occupied territories (UNSCO) wrote an objective report onrepparttar 125971 impact ofrepparttar 125972 current Intifada, onrepparttar 125973 Palestinian economy in THE FINANCIAL TIMES, on December 21, 2001. According to Roed-Larsen- ·Unemployment in West Bank has risen from 11% to 25%. ·Unemployment inrepparttar 125974 Gaza strip has crossedrepparttar 125975 50% mark. ·The revenue of Palestinian Authority (PA) has declined by 57%. ·The overall loss torepparttar 125976 Palestinian economy is estimated inrepparttar 125977 range of $ 2.4 billion and $ 3.4 billion. ·A steady decline of 37% in real incomes. ·46% ofrepparttar 125978 Palestinian population remains belowrepparttar 125979 poverty level figure of $ 2 a day. ·Israel refuses to payrepparttar 125980 amount of $ 350 million in taxes that it owes torepparttar 125981 PA. ·It has cancelledrepparttar 125982 work permits of 45,000 Palestinians.

To compound matters,repparttar 125983 Palestinian population is being beaten to abject submission byrepparttar 125984 use of brutal military and Air Force strikes, specifically aimed to annihilaterepparttar 125985 terrorists. The Hamas leaders Yasin Malik and Al-Rantissi were liquidated with missile strikes. Finally there isrepparttar 125986 "Apartheid Wall", which Israel claims is being built only to safe guard itself fromrepparttar 125987 terror strikes of Hamas, Al Aqsa Martyr's brigade, Islamic Jihad andrepparttar 125988 Lebanese ultra force, Hezbollah.

The Likud party led coalition government, headed by Ariel Sharon, is stringently implementing these repressive measures. He is actively supported by former PM and Labour party leader Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu ofrepparttar 125989 far right. The current government has a center of right ideological position and commands a wide range of support fromrepparttar 125990 Labour onrepparttar 125991 left torepparttar 125992 religious parties onrepparttar 125993 extreme right.

Historically and traditionallyrepparttar 125994 Zionist state has been given unstinted support byrepparttar 125995 US to neutralizerepparttar 125996 pan Arabic nationalism as well asrepparttar 125997 communist activities abound inrepparttar 125998 Arab peninsula inrepparttar 125999 50s andrepparttar 126000 60s. The Likud Government also enjoysrepparttar 126001 active alliance betweenrepparttar 126002 influential Jewish lobby andrepparttar 126003 Christian Right ofrepparttar 126004 US republicans. The pro Israeli cabal consisting of Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and Richard Perle, who runrepparttar 126005 Bush administration, are actively promotingrepparttar 126006 Israeli measures.

Currentlyrepparttar 126007 issue ofrepparttar 126008 "Apartheid Wall" isrepparttar 126009 most contentious among allrepparttar 126010 crises that has envelopedrepparttar 126011 Palestinian people. In May 2003, Sharon had categorically stated- "Ruling 3.5 million people can not go on indefinitely. You may not likerepparttar 126012 word but what's happening is occupation. Holding 3.5 million Palestinians is a bad thing for Israel, forrepparttar 126013 Palestinians, forrepparttar 126014 Israel economy. We have to end this subject without risking our security". This was how Sharon had hinted of his diabolical concept ofrepparttar 126015 wall. But as soon asrepparttar 126016 work onrepparttar 126017 wall proceeded, it drew worldwide criticism from all respective quarters. On October 21, 2003repparttar 126018 UN General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution demanding Israel tear downrepparttar 126019 proposed 673 km long barrier. Inrepparttar 126020 near unanimous resolution, which asked Israel to "Stop and reverse", only US, Israel, Micronesia and Marshall Islands voted againstrepparttar 126021 motion.

Even as Saeb Erekat (chief Palestinian negotiator) and Yasser Arafat rejoiced thatrepparttar 126022 world had just given its verdict, Ehud Olmert (senior Israeli Cabinet member) reiterated Israel's commitment. "The fence will continue to be built. We have to worry about Israel's security and it is clear that we will not act according torepparttar 126023 instructions of a hostile, automatic majority, which has always acted against Israel" - he said.

The ambitious project is actually a sinister bid by Tel Aviv to grab as much land as possible fromrepparttar 126024 Palestinians. Once completed it will gobble uprepparttar 126025 entire Jordan valley and 58% ofrepparttar 126026 West Bank. The wall will depriverepparttar 126027 Palestinians, their rights overrepparttar 126028 lands, water and other essential services such as medical facilities, schools and fromrepparttar 126029 field of their jobs. It will berepparttar 126030 most blatant act of Human Rights violation inrepparttar 126031 history of mankind. It will further cripplerepparttar 126032 Palestinian economy from its already fragile state.

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