The Plain Truth about Easter

Written by David Ben-Ariel

Like dumb sheep torepparttar slaughter, most of mankind continues to blindly follow pagan traditions, rather than obey God's clear commands (Mark 7:7). Has it ever occurred to those stuffing their faces with Easter ham that Jesus would puke atrepparttar 149688 thought? Neither Jesus or Peter, James or John ever ate forbidden foods. They wouldn't feel too comfortable at plenty of people's dinner tables.

Evenrepparttar 149689 early Gentile converts to Jewish Christianity respectedrepparttar 149690 biblical dietary laws (Acts 15:20), understanding that not all foods are sanctioned byrepparttar 149691 Creator inrepparttar 149692 Holy Scriptures (I Tim. 4:5).

When Johnrepparttar 149693 Baptist recognized Jesus as our Passover sacrifice, he declared: "Beholdrepparttar 149694 Lamb of God" (Jn. 1:29). He didn't say, "Here comesrepparttar 149695 Easter Bunny!" Again, likerepparttar 149696 Easter ham,repparttar 149697 Easter rabbit is also rejected inrepparttar 149698 Bible as an abomination (Lev. 11:6-7).

The very name of Easter exposes itself as a heathen festival, although it's cloaked as "Christian." Easter/Ishtar/Astarte isrepparttar 149699 Babylonian spring goddess our Israelite/Anglo-Saxon forefathers foolishly worshipped. Hencerepparttar 149700 fertility symbols of rabbits and eggs.

Worldwide All Over Again?

Written by David Ben-Ariel

When Herbert W. Armstrong died, Dr. Hoeh declared thatrepparttar seventh candlestick had been lit. That means Laodicea officially began immediately.

Nearly four years later, Malachi's Message to God's Church Today began to soundrepparttar 149687 alarm: something wasn't kosher in God's Church! It exposed a corrupt ministry intent on destroyingrepparttar 149688 Worldwide Church of God's foundational doctrines, and urgedrepparttar 149689 brethren to hang on for dear life to what God had given us through His end-time Elijah. We were encouraged to get a grip, while others were losing it (Revelation 3:11).

Those who were of God heard whatrepparttar 149690 Spirit said torepparttar 149691 Churches through Malachi's Message. Those who weren't of God quickly lost it (God's truth) and slipped further and further into darkness. That darkness was disguised as a "new light of understanding" (II Cor. 11:14). The true members of God's Church responded to His call and came out of that decadent organization. Those who remained behind becamerepparttar 149692 SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.

They were no longer God's Church! You can't reject God's truth for demonic doctrines without becoming a part of "Mystery Babylon" (I Cor. 10:21; II Cor 6:14-18). All this has been quite revealing (I Cor. 11:19)!

Knowingrepparttar 149693 Truth

God knowsrepparttar 149694 end fromrepparttar 149695 beginning (Acts 15:18). He prophesied a great falling away that would leave few standing. The BIG ONE has hit and shaken God's Church to its core! But isn't it possible to knowrepparttar 149696 truth without knowingrepparttar 149697 Truth (II Tim 3:7). God's calling us to a deeper love and conversion (I John 3:18). Isn't God's truth a means to an end? Didn't Mr. Armstrong fear some just "DON'T GET IT?" That too many were only converted to our doctrines? The doctrines are meant to help bring us closer to God by having a better understanding of His Will, but only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will save us! We need Christ's teachings, but we need Godrepparttar 149698 Father and Jesus Christ even more! Only they can establish us and secure our salvation (II Thess. 2:13-17). You can have allrepparttar 149699 understanding inrepparttar 149700 world and still fall short (I Cor. 13:2).

Remember Solomon? Just because you know God's truth, doesn't mean you know Him! (Job 42:5; I John 2:4) You're not going to be judged by how much you know, but by HOW MUCH YOU GROW! By how much you apply what you know, becoming more Christ-like, more Godly, more representative of God's Kingdom, here and now (James 1:22; John 13:35). A system can't save you and ritual is no substitute for a relationship! (II Tim 3:5)

Malachi's Message Still Applies!

Whereas Worldwide was physically rich, aren't we in danger of feeling spiritually rich and self-complacent (Amos 6:1)? Ancient Israel had God's holy days; didn't eat pork, etc. But it didn't keep them from going into captivity! (Amos 5:21). It wasn't enough! Worldwide doesn't feel sufficient, they feel so impoverished they go to Babylon for help! We'rerepparttar 149701 ones who feel safe and secure! Who said we can let our guard down? We're commanded to REMAIN ON HIGH ALERT until Christ comes! (Luke 21:34) Yet some are failing to continue to apply Malachi's Message (Rom. 2:17-21). God's refining process isn't over! (Dan. 12:10; Isa. 48:10)

Let's see to it that Philadelphia Church of God (Judah) doesn't gorepparttar 149702 way ofrepparttar 149703 Worldwide Church of God (Israel)! These biblical principles still apply: don't put undue trust in men; work out your own salvation, it's not a group affair; bewarerepparttar 149704 scholarly approach that demands you rely on men - not God's Spirit or personal Bible study. And God help us to look past Petra (though it's important), to focus on His Kingdom (Luke 21:36; Isa. 33:17) To surviverepparttar 149705 Holocaust is one thing, to enter God's Kingdom is everything! (II Pet. 1:10-11).

Beware of Emperor Worship!

What'srepparttar 149706 greatest false doctrine to come out of Babylon? The nefarious idea of a DIVINE EMPEROR! Nimrod had put himself in God's place! He had people depending on him for all their answers and protection. Today, we have such MEN "playing God" inrepparttar 149707 Church! (Nahum 1:11; II Thess 2:3) There's nothing new underrepparttar 149708 sun. Unlike Moses, who wished that all God's people were prophets (Num. 11:29), Nimrod felt threatened by any "competition." He dealt cruelly, in a jealous rage, with those who opposed his haughty position. God used Shem to put him back in his place! Leaders are ordained of God; they do have a definite place, but it's NOT inrepparttar 149709 Holy of Holies (II Chron. 26:18)! They're intruding in God's business, and trespassing on His sacred ground, when they get out of line and overstep their bounds (Zeph. 1:9; Exodus 19:12; Col. 2:18). Away with emperor worship! It's soon to sweep Europe, but we don't need it in God's Church. Not if we want to remain God's Church!

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