The Philosopy of Achievement

Written by Joe Trevison MBA CPA


Volume 9 Issue 6 June 2005

Publisher: Joe Trevison CPA,MBA Co Publisher and Editor: Cheri Carson Graduate of Northwest Research Institute. Co editor: Jim Trevison senior at Edinboro University in Edinboro, PA, Major in English.

My Philosophy of Achievement by: Joe Trevison

Few of you already know that I followrepparttar 17 steps of Napoleon Hill. These arerepparttar 146942 steps that many millionaires followed to success.

Who? I am glad you asked.

Brian Tracy, Author of: The Psychology of Achievement

Dr. Deepak Chopra, Author of: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Og Mandino, Author and Lecturer

W. Clement Stone: Co-author of: Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

Ron Martin & Art Parent of: Empress Peals

Paul Owen, Owen Industries

Scott DeGarmo, Success Magazine

Eric R. Vote, P& S Ambulance

Michael S. Mathew, Financial Group

Earl Nightingale, Writer and part owner of: Nightingale-Conant

Vic and his father part owners of: Nightingale-Conant

Mary Kay Ash

And I could go on and on.

What are these principles?

Hill wrote a lot of books explaining them again and again. He did both audio and videos on these principles. He met Andrew Carnegie as a young man. He gave him this assignment: for all mankind to have allrepparttar 146943 riches they wanted. The assignment was to find a philosophy of achievement for all. It took Hill 20 years to put them in a book: The Law of Success

Are you Earning the Most from your Jobs?

Written by Gail Metcalf

It's great when you have a base of clients you service on a regular schedule. And if you're running your business for maximum profit, then you know you have to have a base set of tasks that you perform. But how can you earn more from these clients? After all it costs you advertising dollars to go out and get more clients.

Why should you have a base set of tasks? Because if you don't, your client is always going to ask for more, and they won't want to pay for it.

When your client asks for extra tasks to be done during their scheduled service, you need to be ready with a way to charge for these extras. Time is money and I'm sure you have already quoted them a standard fee for their regular service; sorepparttar extra fee is justified.

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