The Phenomenon of Russia

Written by Vadim Smolyanov and Valentina Smolyanova

Translated from Russian. We shall be glad to receive your remarks on stylistics, grammar, and content issues.

The Chinese proverb says: Before going somewhere, find out where you are. Having paraphrased on Russian, we shall receive: Before asking "What to do?" find out who you are. The basic problem ofrepparttar Russian society isrepparttar 126230 following: we do not know who we are. We as a society are in unconsciousness. Let will address to a history. Russians did not understand itself and therefore searchedrepparttar 126231 help at outside of during many centuries. The first fact known to us isrepparttar 126232 invitation of Scandinavians to a board, becauserepparttar 126233 Russian "democratic" control system through Veche has given failure. Inrepparttar 126234 first centuries of Scandinavians board a lot of famous actions have been made in Russia. Main from it are creation of statehood and expansion of Christiania onrepparttar 126235 ancient Russian ground. But Scandinavians did not differ from Russians through some generations and were a reason for chaos of domestic wars. It was a major factor of Russia capture by Tatars. With all negatives that invasion fromrepparttar 126236 East carried Russia have

The Fear of Feeling

Written by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

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Title: The Fear of Feeling Author: Margaret Paul, Ph.D. E-mail: Copyright: 2003 by Margaret Paul Web Address: Word Count: 643 Category: Emotional Healing, Spiritual Growth

THE FEAR OF FEELING By Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

We desire to findrepparttar 126230 path to peace, joy and freedom. We strive to feel lovable, worthy and secure. We know that if we do our inner work and open to our connection with Spirit, we will feel all of that. Yet we don't. We put it off for days or weeks. We stay stuck in our misery or numbness. Why? What are we so afraid of if we open to learning about loving?

I have searched for many years forrepparttar 126231 answer to this question. Over and over I would find myself out of grace and joy and into anxiety and stress. Each time it was because I failed to take care of myself in some way.

The problem is that all feelings are inrepparttar 126232 same box. Pain is inrepparttar 126233 same box as joy. We cannot be putting a lid on pain without putting a lid on joy as well.

What isrepparttar 126234 pain we are striving so hard to avoid feeling? Most people feel a lot of pain. We feel anxious, frightened, depressed, hurt. Since we are often in pain, it doesn't seem to make sense that we are, atrepparttar 126235 same time as we are feeling all this pain, also avoiding pain. Yet that is exactly what we are doing.

As unhappy as we may be feeling, we are avoiding pain that we believe is even greater thanrepparttar 126236 pain we are feeling.

I have discovered that there are three feelings which most people want to avoid at all cost: aloneness, loneliness and helplessness.

Aloneness is what we feel inside when we are disconnected from God. Loneliness is what we feel when we cannot connect with another, either because our heart is closed, their heart is closed, or both of our hearts are closed. Helplessness is what we would feel if, when we want to connect with another and his or her heart is closed, we accept that there is nothing we can do to make them open their heart. Helplessness is what we feel when we accept our lack of control over others.

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