The Perfect Marketing Strategy for the Solopreneur

Written by Myrtis Smith

Unless you have an unlimited supply of time and money, you’ve probably recognized very early onrepparttar importance of identifying an effective marketing strategy. Everyone is looking forrepparttar 117553 perfect marketing plan,repparttar 117554 one that will be easy to implement and attract droves of customers to your business.

There are various strategies that have become popular in marketing an Internet business. Some ofrepparttar 117555 more common ones are: ....writing articles ....public speaking ....conducting workshops or teleclasses ....paying for ad on websites, ezines, or via print media ....reciprocal links or ads with other websites and newsletters items such as newsletters, reports, and assessments

If you’re a small business, especially a solopreneur,repparttar 117556 best marketing strategy isrepparttar 117557 one you likerepparttar 117558 most. The perfect marketing technique for you isrepparttar 117559 one most aligned with your skills and abilities. It should be based on your strengths andrepparttar 117560 things you like to do most. If you like to write, write articles. If speaking is your forte, conduct workshops or teleclasses.


Written by Stephen R. Renfrow

1. Obtainrepparttar proper equipment for your business. A cordless phone enables you to catch up to Jr. If you use a headset, make sure it's comfortable. Make sure your chair is comfortable. I've gone through 3 because of backaches. Chances are you have a Modem. Do you have Phone Answering software? Utilize it when you're not in, your outgoing msg. should be professional (are kids screaming in background?).

2. Make it easy to record basic message information. You can have Contact Mgr. software running inrepparttar 117552 background. The phone rings, answer and click on your icon to bring it up. Start making notes on who, when, where, etc. for follow-up. Have plenty of spare printer cartridge ink or refills. Don't run out of ink. You may need a hardcopy of something immediately.

3. Have an organized system for your goals - Event Control. Once written, your daily goal system should be prioritized. If you have to delegate, mark to whom and put a due date on it. A misunderstood topic itself, it deserves special attention. For more info,

4. Make good use of customer information for follow-up. Utilize your Email along with your Contact Mgr. software. Follow-up is key to sales, customer service and backend sales. Keep good info on each of your clients. This information should be kept strictly confidential and handy. Knowing all about your clients' business will make you more effective onrepparttar 117553 phone. (Hi Jim, how is that Project A marketing campaign coming along?) For more info visit

5. Price your services competitively, keeping in mind your own monthly expenses. Add your expenses up on an annual basis likerepparttar 117554 basic monthly phone charges, equipment, office supplies and dividerepparttar 117555 total by 12 to determine a monthly overhead cost. Obviously,repparttar 117556 revenue you generate must exceed this number each month to make a profit.

6. Contract for your services formally. Put together a standard contract for both you and your client to sign. The "Business" section of your local library will probably have some standard contract forms that you can amend for your use. We utilize Legal Forms Software. Forms are valid in all 50 states. The contract should have a minimum length to it, like 6 or 12 months with options to renew it at expiration. You need to plan on a certain amount of business and income and you can't do that without a minimum service contract length.

7. Select a business name that is descriptive but not limiting. If you are not incorporating, you can use your name inrepparttar 117557 company title if it's simple and easily pronounce-able, such as "Marge Dean's Services" or, better yet, "Marge Dean's Telemarketing Services" which encompasses more tasks in a potential client's mind. Keep it simple and open.

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