The Perfect Gift for the Person Who Has Everything!

Written by Kristine Mulholland

Top 10 reasons to send a Gift Basket

10.Gift Baskets are available for everyone and every occasion. 9.Gift Baskets can be sent acrossrepparttar street, or acrossrepparttar 125434 globe atrepparttar 125435 click of a mouse. 8.Gift Baskets save you lots of time! No need to drive from place to place and scourrepparttar 125436 malls looking forrepparttar 125437 perfect gift! 7.Gift Baskets come in a variety of sizes and price ranges, making them ideal for any budget. 6.Gift Baskets are themed and can be tailored to suitrepparttar 125438 particular occasion perfectly 5.Gift Baskets are filled with lots of “mini” presents forrepparttar 125439 gift recipient making them an excellent value! 4.Gift Baskets can conveyrepparttar 125440 sentiments and feelings ofrepparttar 125441 sender in a way that is unique and personal. 3.Everybody loves to receive gift baskets! 2.Gift Baskets make wonderful gifts forrepparttar 125442 person who has everything 1.Gift Baskets make you look good!

10. If you are shopping for that “hard-to-buy-for” person who has everything, then gift baskets are an excellent choice! Most ofrepparttar 125443 “gifts” inrepparttar 125444 gift basket are consumable (i.e. bath and body products, notepaper, yummy treats), so evenrepparttar 125445 person who has everything, can userepparttar 125446 items in a gift basket! And when your gift recipient has used all ofrepparttar 125447 items, they even have a great basket to put a silk plant or silk flowers, or some soaps and fingertip towels in! The possibilities are endless!

9. When shopping for a gift basket, be sure and look for one that is themed toward your recipient’s interests. Many gift basket companies will let you substitute items, to customize your gift basket. Make sure you contact their customer service department by email or telephone to see if customization is available. Most gift basket companies are more than willing to try and accommodaterepparttar 125448 needs and requests of their customers!

8. Gift baskets are so beautiful and so much fun, which is why everyone loves to receive them and spend time exploring and savoringrepparttar 125449 contents!

7. Gift Baskets are filled with lots of “mini” presents. There can be books, plaques, bath and body products, stuffed animals, journals and notepaper, CDs, figurines, and lots of yummy gourmet treats like, chocolates, cookies, pretzels, popcorn, even smoked salmon and pate! Some gift baskets even come with wine. The gift recipient will love discovering all ofrepparttar 125450 fun presents tucked insiderepparttar 125451 gift basket!

6. Shopping for and/or sending a gift has never been easier! You can do it right fromrepparttar 125452 comfort of your own home while relaxing with your favorite beverage of choice! You can even shop in your pajamas! What could be better than that! Visit a Gift Basket website, spend some time comfortably browsingrepparttar 125453 gift basket selection, then simply point, and click your mouse, and a few minutes later you have solved your gift-giving problem! No more waiting in endless lines when you have a million other things you could be doing. No more trying to findrepparttar 125454 right size shipping box, and spending forever atrepparttar 125455 Post Office to ship your gift! It’s all taken care of for you in a matter of minutes. Your biggest problem now is deciding what to do with allrepparttar 125456 time you just saved yourself!

Gary Revel - Man of Mystery

Written by Robert Graham

I have been followingrepparttar exploits of Gary Revel since 1977 when he was a subject of a Chicago newspaper article. According torepparttar 125433 article he had written and recorded a song (They Slew The Dreamer) aboutrepparttar 125434 assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. I made a few calls and found that he was a songwriter in Nashville who had some kind of partnership relationship with Jack Kershaw, attorney for James Earl Ray.

He had released a single record ofrepparttar 125435 song onrepparttar 125436 Rebel Label (owned by Kershaw) and in a few years included it on an album titled ‘Revel' onrepparttar 125437 Star City Records, Inc. label (not owned by Kershaw). After that he dropped out of sight for several years.

The next time I began to see his name was in 1998 and it was related to a movie that he was making with an independent movie director named Bill Sachs. The articles from a few different newspapers made a vague promise about his movie and how it would answerrepparttar 125438 question of who killed King. Nowrepparttar 125439 real story was that while he was known to be a songwriter in Nashville many years before he was actually a special investigator trying to exposerepparttar 125440 conspiracies ofrepparttar 125441 Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy assassinations.

Tennessee State Prison officials that I have talked to conclude that forrepparttar 125442 typical Nashville songwriter to gain an audience with James Earl Ray in 1977 would have been a miraculous feat and sorepparttar 125443 special investigator angle seems to make more sense.

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