The Perfect Gift for Our Customers

Written by Dave Balch

It'srepparttar holidays again and we all want to do something for our customers, right? We want to let them know how much we appreciate them and their business, and we want to wish them and their families a wonderful holiday season. Mostly, though, we'd like to score some big points so they will continue to be our customers! (Maybe we're just afraid we'll look stupid if we don't do anything at all…)

What to do for them? Buy a gift they may or may not want or need? Wine? Maybe they don't drink. Candy? Maybe they are watching their weight. Calendars? Desk stuff? When'srepparttar 124481 last time that you received something like that from someone that you do business with? Did you like/want/need/appreciate it? My guess is "No". So what can you do that everyone will appreciate without breakingrepparttar 124482 bank?

Consider this: donation cards. I have used this concept with great success. Here's what worked for me.

Print post cards that are self-addressed/postage-paid on one side. Onrepparttar 124483 other side put a holiday message torepparttar 124484 effect "Thank you for your continued support duringrepparttar 124485 past year. In lieu of a gift of some sort, we felt a charitable donation in your name would be more in keeping withrepparttar 124486 holiday spirit….", a place for name and address, and a list of charities from which they could choose. (You can see and borrow a sample from )

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Bingo! Holiday shopping is complete, you have complete control overrepparttar 124487 cost, and your customers will love it. Some thoughts:

Use Sensory Media To Get Publicity

Written by Ana Ventura

A few months ago, I was pulling out of a parking lot when a huge van caught my eye. It wasn'trepparttar vehicle so much asrepparttar 124480 fact that there was a gigantic television screen attached torepparttar 124481 back. I was so wrapped up in watchingrepparttar 124482 screen that whenrepparttar 124483 van pulled out of my view, I finally remembered that I was driving, not in a position to be paying attention to anything other thanrepparttar 124484 road.

No, I'm not going to give you a ten point guide to safe driving. The idea here is that our society is becoming more attune to electronic information everyday, whether it happens to be through computers,repparttar 124485 Internet, or traveling TV screens.

More people are getting their daily dose of news or information from, orrepparttar 124486 twenty four hour a day news channel, or fromrepparttar 124487 radio onrepparttar 124488 drive home. It's imperative to remember that while print can still be a great form of marketing or public relations contacts, our minds are much more used to pulling in sensory information from electronic sources.

Furthermore,repparttar 124489 intimacy of radio, television, and sometimesrepparttar 124490 Internet can give yourepparttar 124491 upper hand when it comes to selling yourself to prospects. Seeing your face, hearing your voice, or getting to viewrepparttar 124492 actual product are big factors in easingrepparttar 124493 natural anxieties many prospective buyers have when it comes to purchasing.

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