The Perfect Email Ad!

Written by A.T.Rendon

The Internet has changed a great deal in just one short year.

Most people attempting to do business online not only send out a great deal of email to other people, now they are also receiving it, most often inrepparttar form of SPAM.

You do NOT want your email confused with SPAM.

In order for your email message to stand out fromrepparttar 109606 ever maddening email crowd of messages, it MUST be different and UNIQUE.

Otherwise, it will wind up getting deleted before it is read.

What you need to email is the, "Perfect Email Ad"!

And, in order to have a, "Perfect Email Ad", your email needs just two (2) very important "Key" elements:

1. A "Killer" Title.

2. An Email Link.

The Killer Title.

The Title must be short, no more than 6 to 8 words. Less in this case would be more. It is what goes inrepparttar 109607 Subject are of your email message.

It must capturerepparttar 109608 attention ofrepparttar 109609 recipient before they delete it.

The very best Title I have ever seen in an email message consisted of just 3 short words. It captured my attention and enticed me to click onrepparttar 109610 link to visit a web site.

It aroused my curiosity!

Can you guess what those words might have been?

It was a question.

All it said was, "What Is This?" And then it gave a URL.

That wasrepparttar 109611 extent ofrepparttar 109612 message.

Your Title isrepparttar 109613 Subject area of your email message so make it count. If necessary, make use of one or more action words to capture your reader's imagination.

Send a blank email here for a FREE list of 50 Action Words:

An Email Link.

Inrepparttar 109614 above example I used, it showed thatrepparttar 109615 body ofrepparttar 109616 email message only contained a URL, a web site link on which to click to visit.

The email message did cause me to visitrepparttar 109617 web site, yet it is still NOT a good example of, "A Perfect Email Ad".

Establish Your Own Email List!

Written by A.T.Rendon

I have been online now for over 8 years. I have seen a great many things change with regards to email but one thing remainsrepparttar same: Email isrepparttar 109605 foundation for global communication and it remains virtually free.

If you are not using email to do business online that your approach to doing online business is all wrong.

It is absolutely essential that you do business online via email and that you do it in a legal, non-spam manner.

The best way to accomplish this task is to establish your very own, in-house, email list.

So how do you establish your very own email list?

Perhapsrepparttar 109606 best tried and true manner is by starting your own publication thus establishing a legal basis to email your subscribers list with a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter or ezine.

I long ago compiled a list of resources to help anyone interested in starting their own publication and you may receive it, free of charge, via our auto-responder:

The nature or content of your publication will greatly determine how often you can send it out to your list and how successful it will be with your subscribers.

Obviously, if your emails are just a collection of ads and you do not deliver anything of substance or worth to your readers, you will not long have a list to which you can email because they will all quickly un-subscribe.

Another important, and ongoing, aspect of your email list is how to get people to subscribe, thus giving yourepparttar 109607 permission you need to send emails to them legally.

You can start with whatever list of emails you already have on file and build from there.

Just email those people with which you have had contact inrepparttar 109608 past, let them know you are starting a new publication and that you would like to invite them to subscribe.

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