The Origin of Contact Lenses

Written by Tim Gorman

There is much debate about who inventedrepparttar concept of contact lenses but this is what we do know. Back in 1508 Leonardo da Vinci made sketches of a rough version of what a lens forrepparttar 147728 eye would look like. Then in 1632 Rene Descartes came up withrepparttar 147729 idea of a contact lens forrepparttar 147730 cornea. In 1801, building upon Descartes' earlier idea, a man named Thomas Young came up with a way to repair his own flawed vision using a glass tube filled with water and fashioned with a microscopic lens onrepparttar 147731 other end. Contact lenses were already beginning to take shape. Duringrepparttar 147732 years 1887 and 1888 more progress was made with contact lenses. The first contact lenses to be made completely out of glass were invented by three men byrepparttar 147733 names of A. Eugen Fick, Edouard Kalt and August Muller. Although these lenses were a step inrepparttar 147734 right direction of progress, they tended to be anything but comfortable and corrected only a small amount of vision problems.

Show Your Wild and Crazy Side with Zombie Contact Lenses

Written by Tim Gorman

Zombie contact lenses are a whole new concept inrepparttar contact lens industry. Also known as zombie whiteout or zombie special effect contact lenses, they are perfect for a theme party that calls for something scary or for a Halloween fright night get together. Many people who work in theatre as well as in films utilize zombie contact lenses on a regular basis to change their appearance. Zombie contact lenses makerepparttar 147727 eyes appear completely white except forrepparttar 147728 black dot inrepparttar 147729 middle. Too scary for some but just right ifrepparttar 147730 occasion calls for spooky or out of this world outrageous. Zombie whiteouts are sure to be an attention grabber and a conversation piece. Zombie contact lenses, just like any other kind of contacts must be fitted to your eyes properly to ensure comfort so visiting an accredited eye doctor is a must. Zombie whiteouts are available both for contact lens wearers who require a prescription for vision correction as well as for those who don't.

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