The Only Visitor That Counts Is A Repeat Visitor

Written by Dr. Bill Nieporte

"Get 5000 Visitors In The Next 30 Days-->Guaranteed!"

You've seen headlines like this one. Perhaps you've even purchaserepparttar HIT GENERATION service inrepparttar 125258 hope that it might sky-rocket your online business success.

These days-->withrepparttar 125259 sophisticated tracking software used by many hit generation businesses, it is possible for people to actually deliver on their promise and produce traffic at you site. In fact, they can even produce TARGETTED traffic-->people interested inrepparttar 125260 kind of offers you make on your site.


Seriously, does that increased traffic really make a difference. Sadly, for most sites,repparttar 125261 answer it NO!

Why not? Well, let's begin by stating thatrepparttar 125262 problem is not withrepparttar 125263 hit generation company. They are doing exactly what they promise to do-->bring traffic to your site.

The problem is you, or rather with your site. It is not doing what it is suppose to do! There are two potential problems. Your site may not be keepingrepparttar 125264 visitors long enough for them to place an order. Or your site is not offering your visitors a reason to BOOKMARK and return to your site.

This article is written withrepparttar 125265 following assumption: The Only Visitor That Counts Is A Repeat Visitor!

An old advertising proverb declares: "Six times and they're sold!" Here'srepparttar 125266 theory: "To make a sale you need to get your marketing presentation in front of a prospect at least six times."

So here'srepparttar 125267 question: How can you create a site that will motivate people to keep coming back and become a REPEAT VISITOR?

That is more simple than it sounds! Here'srepparttar 125268 answer in a nutshell: Offer people a reason to come back and they will!

So what do people want? Here is a brief list of things that PEOPLE WANT in life. If your site includes fresh and interactive content that addresses these WANTS, then they will keep coming back to your site.

People want to know how to make money. People want to find ways to win money. People want to learn how to save money. People want to lose weight. People want to look better. People want to feel better. People want to have a better sex life. People want to have a happier home life. People want to have more knowledge. People want to help others. People want to experience personal success in life. People want to develop friendships.

"Achieve Promotional Success Online Via Many Avenues!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

In a study released earlier this month by Forrester Research,,repparttar conclusion was reached that those of us wanting to engage in online marketing should focus particularly and more aggressively on viral marketing.

However, that was just one element ofrepparttar 125257 "shot-gun" style of online marketing that was proposed inrepparttar 125258 report.

A glitzy Web site devoted torepparttar 125259 product or service, use of direct e-mail marketing, banner ads and strategically placed advance launch info to cultivate fans and customers were repparttar 125260 main elements proposed.

Also proposed but to a lesser degree of importance, offering a free download or sample, forming partnerships with related product or service company sites and building "online buzz teams", that is, people hired to talk about your product or service in a very positive light via online forums, chat rooms and discussion mailing lists.

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