The One Lever Golf Swing Involves Chipping And Putting

Written by Tim Gorman

The one lever golf swing involves chipping and putting. To improve you one lever golf swing these arerepparttar two areas to work on.

First of all we will talk about chipping as part ofrepparttar 147453 one lever golf swing. You will need to figure out how to control your distance with chip shots. The one lever golf swing and chip shots go hand in hand. Work on chipping close and turn a missed green into a par save and you will have mastered a part ofrepparttar 147454 one lever golf swing. Another one lever golf swing tip when it comes to chipping is to remember to keep your hands loose. Tension causes bad chips.

If you playrepparttar 147455 ball back in your stance your chip shots should be more accurate. When working on chipping as part ofrepparttar 147456 one lever golf swing also keep your left wrist firm. Donít letrepparttar 147457 lead handís wrist break untilrepparttar 147458 ball is moving. When you are concentrating onrepparttar 147459 one lever golf swing and chipping keep your arms in front of your body.

How to Pick Warm Comfortable Sleeping Bags For Camping.

Written by Marc Wiltse

Should sleeping bags be made of down or synthetic? What sleeping bag is best for camping, hiking or backpacking? A guide to make your decision easier.

First off it should at least be rated forrepparttar lowest possible temperature you'll encounter. You may want to even go a little lower just to be onrepparttar 147205 safe side.

Obviouslyrepparttar 147206 main purpose is to hold your body heat in to insulate you fromrepparttar 147207 cooler air. Sorepparttar 147208 betterrepparttar 147209 insulation holds your body heat inrepparttar 147210 warmer and more comfortable you're going to be.


Down-the filamentous and fluffy layer underneathrepparttar 147211 feathers. Positives: All being equal down is warmer, lighter, more comfortable, compresses smaller, and can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Goose down isrepparttar 147212 standard others are compared to. The more it loftsrepparttar 147213 better it insulates. This is known as fill-power,repparttar 147214 higherrepparttar 147215 numberrepparttar 147216 better it retains heat.

Negatives: Down looses most all of it's insulating properties when wet, takes a long time to dry outdoors, is more expensive short-term, and may require professional cleaning.

Synthetic- These are usually hollow plastic threads that serve to trap warm air. Positives: Synthetic sleeping bags retain heat better when wet, costs less short-term when compared torepparttar 147217 same temperature rating as down, dries quicker than down, and is hypo-allergenic. It's usually well-suited for recreational use, but consider your own individual needs.

Negatives: They're bulkier, heavier, less conforming, and can lose their insulating properties after a few seasons of hard use because of breakdown. More expensive long-term.


Child's/Kid sleeping bags- A kid has a harder time staying warm than an adult, so keep this in mind when you're getting them a sleeping bag. A cool summer night can chill a child quickly so consider a mummy bag likerepparttar 147218 Tigger by North Face to keep them warm and cozy.

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