The One Big Secret to Making Money on The Internet

Written by Edward Thorpe

So there I was. Minding my own business. Reading my email. Dreaming of my internet millions that email after email promised me. All of this money without any work by me. And in just a few short weeks time.

Did I say promised me?

Did I say millions?

Did I say no work?

Did I say millions in just a few weeks time?

Yeah, I'm afraid I did.

Do you think I got excited about how my life was going to change? Get real. I mean come on. The more I readrepparttar more I was jumping up and down. Dude, I'm excited!

Here I was about to be rolling inrepparttar 119099 moola--big-time. And all I had to do was buy this special, secret, never before revealed information.

Wow! Everything I ever dreamed of was just sitting there waiting for me. I couldn't wait to get my hot little hands on that - better than owning a McDonalds franchise - secret info.

Oh Yeah. I'm excited. But here'srepparttar 119100 rest ofrepparttar 119101 story...

All this kind of stuff is crap. Pure Crapola. Because Sugar, There ain't no secrets.

You'll never receive money by doing nothing. And nobody can make you a promise of riches. No one has any idea what you're capable of doing. (That probably includes yourself)

Please don't waste your money or your time on info that promises you wealth for doing nothing.

And don't waste your money or your time on chasing secrets. There just ain't none.

But you can make money onrepparttar 119102 internet. Lots of money. But there's no damn secrets involved!

I'm sick and tired of internet novices getting reamed byrepparttar 119103 no-conscience jokers that promote this junk. It's one of my peeves. Like call waiting. Man, I dislike call waiting.

Buy a home through your home computer

Written by Kris Grant

If you're thinking about buying or selling a home, a good place to start your search is on your home computer.

A recent study byrepparttar California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) finds that Internet homebuyers are twice as satisfied withrepparttar 119098 home buying experience than traditional buyers.

The C.A.R., which conductedrepparttar 119099 landmark study entitled "Internet vs. Traditional Buyers" in fourth quarter 2000, found that Internet home buyers typically find their Realtors online, while traditional buyers usually find a Realtor through happenstance -repparttar 119100 Realtor 'farms' their neighborhood or they call to get information on a "For Sale" sign.

According torepparttar 119101 study, traditional homebuyers looked at 15.1 homes with a Realtor before making a purchase, while Internet home buyers looked at only 7.9 homes with a Realtor prior to buying.

The reason, says Gary Thomas, C.A.R. president, is that Internet buyers spend more time doing their "homework" onrepparttar 119102 Internet. Internet buyers spent 6.3 weeks researchingrepparttar 119103 real estate market vs. traditional buyers who spent just 2.2 weeks prior to contacting a Realtor.

"Byrepparttar 119104 time Internet buyers contact a Realtor, they have a good understanding of what they want -they know where they want to live. They've investigated neighborhoods and they know how much they can afford and what their mortgage options are," Thomas said. The C.A.R. study found that, overall, Internet homebuyers are "completely satisfied" withrepparttar 119105 home buying process (96%) vs. traditional home buyers (44%).

Internet homebuyers are also more "completely satisfied" with their Realtors (73%) than traditional buyers (34%). Internet buyers typically purchased a more expensive home ($403,752) than did traditional buyers ($321,950). And, not surprisingly, Internet buyers achieved a higher level of education than traditional buyers. Internet buyers contacted an average 4.6 Web sites (excluding mortgage Web sites) as part of their home-buying process.

The most popular real estate portals are and These sites provide valuable information onrepparttar 119106 home buying and selling process, along with allrepparttar 119107 homes listed onrepparttar 119108 national Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Internet buyers can view homes in any community they wish online, 24 hours a day. They can remain anonymous and not feel pressured by a real estate agent. But if they want a home's address, that's another matter. That'srepparttar 119109 main drawback torepparttar 119110 national sites: addresses of homes in San Diego (or elsewhere) are not provided. The Internet homebuyer will have to contact a real estate agent to obtain them.

One real estate portal that does provide addresses of all San Diego County homes onrepparttar 119111 MLS is In addition,repparttar 119112 site provides information onrepparttar 119113 home buying and selling process as well as discounts to homebuyers and sellers inrepparttar 119114 form of cash rebates.

Homebuyers can also find additional listings that aren't onrepparttar 119115 MLS by perusing large national sites such as, and These sites show their own listings including addresses, but not other broker's addresses. Throughrepparttar 119116 power ofrepparttar 119117 Internet,repparttar 119118 knowledge base has switched torepparttar 119119 consumer, and with that knowledge comes power:repparttar 119120 power to demand discounts on real estate commissions. Previously, this knowledge base was only available to licensed Realtors. Now, homebuyers can expect to be rewarded for their online time spent researching potential properties. Atrepparttar 119121 site, for example, buyers simply register and then they can view addresses of every home, condominium and residential income property inrepparttar 119122 San Diego area on their computer screen. They'll see all repparttar 119123 specs previously available only to licensed Realtors, along with photos and asking prices. Homebuyers can specifyrepparttar 119124 city, Zip code, price range, number of bedrooms and baths, size of garage, square footage of house and square footage of lot. They can also check off as many options as they would like such as pool, den, bonus room or storage. Afterrepparttar 119125 buyer submits a request, they can view a list of homes online with complete information, including photographs, that meet their criteria. They'll also receive daily automatic e-mail notification of new listings that meet their criteria. They can drive by and inspect from repparttar 119126 street any property withoutrepparttar 119127 pesky presence of a Realtor. Homebuyers will probably get a call from one ofrepparttar 119128 site's Realtors, but they can easily tell them, "don't call us, we'll call you" when and if they're ready. And, regardless of what online site they use, homebuyers can choose any real estate firm to continue their transaction, including traditional brick-and-mortar firms.

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