The One Best Way to Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Written by Keegan Michaels

Affiliate programs arerepparttar number one most popular way to market onrepparttar 102637 Internet. There are thousands of affiliate and reseller programs covering everything from books to baseball bats.

I make a better bat, you put my banner on your site, and if someone buys a bat after coming through your link, I pay you 25 percent ofrepparttar 102638 selling price. Killer idea, right?

That one sale won't be enough money to payrepparttar 102639 mortgage or even enough to take your kid torepparttar 102640 movies. And to make matters worse, how many of your site's visitors are going to buy my bat?

Once you get pastrepparttar 102641 first blush of affiliate programs,repparttar 102642 sparkle starts to fade. You quickly see if you make any money at all, it's going to be mere pocket change.

This is one ofrepparttar 102643 reasons affiliate programs have started getting a bad name. Small site owners feel they can't make serious money with them and affiliate program owners can't get members motivated to pushrepparttar 102644 program.


I don't mean to insult anyone. But let me force you and myself to face a cold fact. Putting an affiliate banner atrepparttar 102645 bottom of your web page--crammed in there with four or five other affiliate banners--isn't going to sell anything.

Lots of sites approachrepparttar 102646 affiliate problem by making themselves a one-stop-shop for loads of links to other sites. This doesn't work very well either. People come torepparttar 102647 Web to find sites that SPECIALIZE in something particular. They rarely buy from a site trying to be a jack of all trades.


Get yourself a web site that specializes in one particular subject. The narrowerrepparttar 102648 better. If I'm hunting all overrepparttar 102649 Net for a site that tells me how to get heavy metal distortion from my little guitar amp, I jump for joy when I find your site telling me how to do it.

You could have a photo of you holding your Eric Claption guitart and leaning against your amp. You could have articles by you and other experts that tell step-by-step how to getrepparttar 102650 same sonic crunch all my favorite bands use.

And incidentally, you could featurerepparttar 102651 related products sold by GuitarCity (affiliate program) and more in-depth personal lessons from LearnGuitar (affiliate program).

What did you just do here? Realizing you don't have a weird uncle living inrepparttar 102652 basement who inventsrepparttar 102653 hot new product everyone wants, and knowing you don't currently provide a service lots of businesses need, you built a fine site around one or two products someone else makes.

How To Tap Into The Sales of Major Corporations by using their simple affiliate programs

Written by Keegan Michaels

Many big businesses have major affiliate programs. You can go to their massive shopping site and order any one of thousands of items. If you click there from one of their affiliates sites,repparttar affiliate gets a percentage ofrepparttar 102636 purchase price.

This gives affiliates a way to tap intorepparttar 102637 millions of dollars many of these big companies earn each and every day. And with all those thousands of low-priced, high-demand products on display, it shouldn't be hard to start making sales. Right?

Well, it's not that easy. Big shopping web sites like and have been offering attractive affiliate programs for years, but they are notoriously hard to make money on.

Here's why and how to turn this problem around. Soon you can be tapping intorepparttar 102638 glitz and value of big corporate sites to earnrepparttar 102639 affiliate cash they are truly capable of giving you.

Probablyrepparttar 102640 biggest problem is targetingrepparttar 102641 people you send torepparttar 102642 site. Send just anyone torepparttar 102643 parent site's opening page and it's unlike that particular person will find something they REALLY want to buy. People get lost in their big sites. The chance a person will stumble over just what they want is pretty remote.

You can greatly increase your odds by creating your own web page that features a few specific products. Your page can link directly torepparttar 102644 pages featuring those products. This works for affiliate systems that track your customer no matter what page they click to. Some let you link directly to specific products. Others only send people to their opening page. For those, you can list recommended products on your site sorepparttar 102645 customer knows what to look for when she gets torepparttar 102646 parent site.

The products you choose to feature should fall into a particular category: commonly needed supplies for small office printers, hair care products for men with a certain type of hair, a particular style of hard-to-find clothing.

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