"The Number One Answer is Search Engines..."

Written by Bill Platt

We surveyed 100 people...

What isrepparttar best way to draw traffic to your website?

Our survey said...

Search Engines 53 Article Distribution 30 Ad Swaps / Links at other sites 14 Banner Advertising 8 Signature Files 5

Ironically, it seems possible that we could have selected a different set of people andrepparttar 128431 answer for search engines would have been zero. At least, a web designer was telling me that this morning.

One of his web design / web hosting clients has hired my company to help with building her website traffic. One of repparttar 128432 changes we had suggested was to offer her visitors both a Frame and a No-Frame site, withrepparttar 128433 express intent of usingrepparttar 128434 No-Frame site to capture spider search engine traffic with her already keyword-rich website.

Our client currently has a Framed site which she likes repparttar 128435 appearance of. Otherwise, we would have suggested to only use a No-Frame site.

At every step ofrepparttar 128436 way, her web host has been causing us great difficulty inrepparttar 128437 process, because as he said, "Search engines do not bring any traffic to a website." Even when his client told him to makerepparttar 128438 change, he refused because "it is a waste of time." Since he holdsrepparttar 128439 username/password torepparttar 128440 site and will not allow me access or his client direct access, we must deal with him. (I have never met a web host who ran his business like this either... I am helping his client to search for an alternative hosts now.)

I talked to him onrepparttar 128441 phone this afternoon, and he told me, "You know that statistics show that search engines do not generate much traffic to a website."

I don't know whose statistics this man is looking at!

I suggested to him "No, I don't know that. I run more than a dozen domains and all of my domains generate a considerable amount of search engine traffic. My original site knocks down over 50% of its visitors from search engine traffic, andrepparttar 128442 site serves thousands of visitors every month." I love using this website as an example because I have not promoted it hardly at all since August of 2000.

When I began this particular site, it was intended as a computer technical support destination. Aroundrepparttar 128443 beginning of 2000, I began making a shift in my own web activities. As such, this site is now really a potpourri of activity, though more than 60% ofrepparttar 128444 site remains underrepparttar 128445 umbrella of computer technical support. Due torepparttar 128446 fact that most of my computer support newsletter exists inrepparttar 128447 archives ofrepparttar 128448 website, this site is very keyword rich!

In order to drive my point home aboutrepparttar 128449 effectiveness of search engines onrepparttar 128450 web, I have taken a step that most people would consider crazy. I am making public three and a half months worth of my site's statistics. I can afford to do this because this site, WindstormComputing.com, is not my primary bread and butter anymore.

Be forewarned, these pages are big, so if you have a slow machine, you probably don't want to participate in this exercise.

The first page I will be showing you is forrepparttar 128451 first eleven days of May, 2001. In those first eleven days, there have been 458 visitors to my website from search engines. In all,repparttar 128452 site has been visited by 682 people, and they have looked at a total of 1855 pages. Of those who came calling, 67% of them came from search engines.

You may view these actual site statistics at: http://imiobc.com/keyword_rich/lrefers0501.html (134 kb)


Written by Craig Lock

Thought I'd share a few hints on getting traffic to your web site out there in cyberspace, based on our experiences overrepparttar past four and a half years....

Most of our search engine "traffic" comes fromrepparttar 128430 12 MAJOR SEARCH ENGINES - we estimate about 95%. In listing our various web sites, we only concentrate onrepparttar 128431 major (12 or so search engines) and directories, like Open Directory, who supply their database to many ofrepparttar 128432 big SE's (see I'm learning "tech/geek speak" terminology already).

I've found that I check our listings inrepparttar 128433 search engines every two months or so and do resubmit - just to repparttar 128434 MAJOR search engines. Though I don't try it with Alta Vista and especially Yahoo (as we are already high up there with our creative writing courses). I don't dare risk them chucking us out, though I don't think they will! We've had some difficulty with HotBot and Lycos (especially) and Open Directory in getting listed, so I do re-submit from time to time and they then seem to get listed. Alta Vista seems to take a while- about 6 weeks. Believe Lycos is "winding down" in listing sites incidentally and Infoseek takes a while also. Sorry too late, they have become yet another "dot.bomb" and have ceased operating. Things move very fast in cyberspace!

So suggest checking your listings occasionally and resubmit- ting (INDIVIDUALLY). I don't think any ofrepparttar 128435 major search engines see that as spam.

We also submit torepparttar 128436 regional Yahoo (Australia and New Zealand) and find we get listed quite speedily. I bid on key words with Go To for 'writing courses', but we've foundrepparttar 128437 traffic from them to be minimal to date.

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