The "Not-So-Secret" Formula For Good Sales Letters.

Written by Ronald Dunn

Do you knowrepparttar formula for writing a good sales letter?

There are three steps to creating a powerful and effective sales letter for your business.

Forrepparttar 108161 Marketer,repparttar 108162 content ofrepparttar 108163 sales letter isrepparttar 108164 "Good News" associated withrepparttar 108165 product or service that is being sold. The marketer wants his or her audience to seerepparttar 108166 Benefits of acting upon or responding torepparttar 108167 sales letter's invitation to buy.

The focus ofrepparttar 108168 entire letter isrepparttar 108169 potential Benefit ofrepparttar 108170 message forrepparttar 108171 audience. As a Marketer, I can write all aboutrepparttar 108172 features of a particular product, but if I don't communicate howrepparttar 108173 person can benefit, then I am wasting their time and my effort.

So what is this three step formula?

Let's begin withrepparttar 108174 focus of communicating Benefits. With that in mind we move toward...

1. The Headline - What isrepparttar 108175 Core Benefit?

In this fast-paced world, people seldom haverepparttar 108176 time to focus on every advertisement and sales letter that crosses their path. This is especially true for those of us onrepparttar 108177 Internet who have been conditioned for almost instant gratification. If your web page or email letter does not immediately capture their attention and entice them to look further - thenrepparttar 108178 sale will never be made.

In your headline you need to tell them What You Are Going To SAY about howrepparttar 108179 product will benefit their needs. You've probably got less than 30 seconds to make folks want to readrepparttar 108180 rest of your letter - else they will delete your email or click to another page.

If your web page or sales letter does not immediately Grab Their Attention, then they will be gone within 30 seconds and you will probably never get them back.

Make sure that your marketing pieces begin with a Benefit Rich headline that tellsrepparttar 108181 reader how they will benefit if they read your letter and act upon its invitation. Tell them immediately what you have that will benefit them, orrepparttar 108182 sale will be lost.

An SEO Copywriting Makeover – Turning “Not” Into “Hot” Part 2 of 2

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2003

In part one of this article series, I outlined a recent project I undertook for a Web site that sells gas logs. The site had a lot of potential, but in its current staterepparttar sales orientation ofrepparttar 108160 index (home) page andrepparttar 108161 keyword saturation were causing less-than-stellar results forrepparttar 108162 client. My job was to rewriterepparttar 108163 index page (from scratch) in order to boost SE rankings and response.

In part one, I gaverepparttar 108164 details of how I assessedrepparttar 108165 current copy, how I created a “to do” list of objectives, and how I reworkedrepparttar 108166 copy in order to increase search engine optimization. Now – in part two – we’ll continue.

The remaining items on my “to do” list included:

1. Makerepparttar 108167 copy more inviting. 2. Draw visitors intorepparttar 108168 fireplace experience. 3. Don’t just give features… give benefits, too. 4. Makerepparttar 108169 sale before sending them torepparttar 108170 dealer.

Makerepparttar 108171 Copy More Inviting and Draw Visitors Intorepparttar 108172 Fireplace Experience

The current copy actually only consisted of one short paragraph that basically instructedrepparttar 108173 visitors to imagine their homes with Eiklor gas logs, told them that this site couldn’t give themrepparttar 108174 true experience of gas logs, and that they should visit their local dealer.

But I wanted to getrepparttar 108175 site visitors inrepparttar 108176 “mood” for gas logs. Even though they may not be able to fully experiencerepparttar 108177 atmosphere created by a fireplace-lit room, I wanted them dreaming about it prior to leavingrepparttar 108178 site. I also wanted them to be sold on Eiklor gas logs *before* they went to their local dealers.

Fireplace dealers normally don’t sell just one brand of gas logs. Beforerepparttar 108179 customers went tromping off to dealers who might try to sell them a set of gas logs with a higher profit margin, or with a special dealer rebate, I wanted to be surerepparttar 108180 site visitors would be so impressed they would purposely mentionrepparttar 108181 Eiklor name.

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