The Nos Feratu

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The Caduceus hasrepparttar pine cone representingrepparttar 149488 Pineal Gland which it looks like. Clearlyrepparttar 149489 Edwin Smith Codex alone should be enough to tell us thatrepparttar 149490 Egyptians knew a great deal aboutrepparttar 149491 human anatomy. But likerepparttar 149492 Rhind Papyrus which was copied from earlier treatises in 1650 BCE this knowledge including Chaos Science existed long before that. I am going to speculate aboutrepparttar 149493 genetic knowledge and blood rituals in a most scientific manner and try to convey howrepparttar 149494 genetic knowledge written about by Sir Laurence Gardner in his books like Genesis ofrepparttar 149495 Grail Kings also can explain why his forwarder to that book says Count Dracula is one of their lofty Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians. I will try to encapsulate a whole book I have written called The Nos Feratu.

Hollywood imagery actually makes it a more palatable act when they show Dracula sucking onrepparttar 149496 neck of his victims. In point of factrepparttar 149497 hormones inrepparttar 149498 female menstruum are only so good and even if that female is of Royal (San Graal) blood they still needrepparttar 149499 iridium and rhodium that is inrepparttar 149500 human brain. But Hollywood does getrepparttar 149501 Mesmeric and soul binding or grabbing aspect rather well. The reason Dracula commandsrepparttar 149502 animals is a lesson you can learn in Eastern Mysticism as you identify and reach out with your Ďaspectí and Ďalliesí torepparttar 149503 animal in yourself and in other animals. I know many who can do it and some can do what Crocodile Dundee does withrepparttar 149504 Water Buffalo in that movie. The Celestine Prophecy gives insight to these stages of enlightenment in our genes as well. The harmonic voice that Dracula used to Mesmerize his ladies is just a small part ofrepparttar 149505 potential use of chanting in healing.

The Pyramid technology was known to many long before Pythagoras went to studyrepparttar 149506 Great Pyramid. He 'invented'repparttar 149507 musical octaves as he developed his 'Singing ofrepparttar 149508 Spheres'. Clearly it was known beforerepparttar 149509 Great Pyramid was built. The Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) wavebands of megalithic structures like Stonehenge are measurablyrepparttar 149510 same asrepparttar 149511 Great Pyramid's Kings Chamber though not as strong. But some people chose to claim this knowledge as if it were their secret so we must listen to learn. Gardner's Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians (including HRH Nicholas de Vere) are a very adept and worrisome lot of secret skullduggers, to be sure; even if they are just pretenders to this knowledge. Jung andrepparttar 149512 other students of Freud have gone far in breaking alchemic symbolic codes and it is clearrepparttar 149513 Sarkeny Rend people who included Count Dracul had been aware of this over a millennium before. They are connected torepparttar 149514 Priory of Sion who startedrepparttar 149515 Knights Templar and Teuton. Today it has been refined in psycho-linguistics andrepparttar 149516 brainwashing of people.

10 Things To Do Before Buying A Novel

Written by Jill Brennan

OK, you donít get much time to read novels anymore. You used to but that was another life. Before you could pick up something that appealed and because you read so much, you werenít too disappointed if it didnít grab you like you thought it would. Things have changed. Now when you pick up a novel to read it has to get you in quickly or it will collect dust on your bedside table. There are too many other things demanding your attentionÖlike sleep!

And when you go torepparttar bookshop sometimes its hard not to be overwhelmed byrepparttar 149487 sheer number of books on offer, especially withrepparttar 149488 big mega stores becomingrepparttar 149489 norm. So what to do?

Iíve put together a checklist that with a little bit of preparation can help you wade through repparttar 149490 sea of books and help you pick a surefire winner: a novel that will captivate YOU.

1. The best place to start is to look out in magazines, newspapers and online for book reviews Ė see what is being billed asrepparttar 149491 latest must read. Even if you donít have time to readrepparttar 149492 whole review, jot downrepparttar 149493 title and author as one to look out for.

2. Ask friends forrepparttar 149494 best book they have read inrepparttar 149495 last few months or this year orrepparttar 149496 last few years if like you they really are struggling withrepparttar 149497 whole when-am-I-going-to-find-time-to-read-a-novel?-thing. Donít just ask them what book was their favourite; ask them why they liked it. Was it an unusual story, wasrepparttar 149498 pace so fast they needed a crash helmet, did it have edge ofrepparttar 149499 seat suspense, did it remind them of growing up? You want to know what exactly made it a great read for them. This will help you to refine your search, especially if they say they likedrepparttar 149500 quirky twist inrepparttar 149501 ending and you donít do quirky. Just because youíre close friends doesnít automatically mean you likerepparttar 149502 same books.

3. Askrepparttar 149503 people behindrepparttar 149504 counter at your favourite bookshop what they enjoyed reading and get them to take you to it or give you a specific reference number so you can find it easily yourself.

4. When you getrepparttar 149505 book in your hands look atrepparttar 149506 cover. Is it a catchy title? Doesrepparttar 149507 cover appeal to you? Despiterepparttar 149508 old saying about not judging book covers, publishers put a lot of time and effort into creating a captivating cover and title. Does it work for you?

5. Turn it over and readrepparttar 149509 back. Does it still appeal? Do you only like reading modern books and this is set inrepparttar 149510 1800s? Itís important to be fairly ruthless at this stage. Ifrepparttar 149511 premise forrepparttar 149512 story doesnít leave you wanting more, chances arerepparttar 149513 writing probably wonít either.

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