The Next Simon Cow.

Written by Deepshikha Mohapatro

The Opera show and “Sex andrepparttar City” are two shows that keep me glued torepparttar 145724 television. It was duringrepparttar 145725 breaks that I happened to see a few add of American idol and Simon Cow. I could not believe if this guy was real. “Atrocious” wasrepparttar 145726 only word that came in to my mind. But he had something so lovely that I wanted to steal it away from him. He hadrepparttar 145727 power to speak his mind and heart out, right intorepparttar 145728 television screen. Next I happened to watch his interview on Frakinson. Boy, this guy was for real! As a kid people called me rude, my fault, I used to speak my mind out. In life we normally have two roads ahead of us, as Robert Frost beautifully portrays in “The Road Not Taken”. The answer to any question is mainly “Yes” or “No” but in today’s modern (Diplomatic) world we tend to find or create a path that is somewhere in between. A path that neither says “yes” nor says “no” and somewhere down this path we loose our own wishes. We become a part ofrepparttar 145729 exciting circus. Inrepparttar 145730 modern corporate world that we live in it’s always good to be a “good listener”. How many times haven’t you wanted to scream and say “No I don’t like this”, “This is crap” but have ended saying nothing? Some have also spent their life thinking “My turn will come someday”.

Keno game 101- what you absolutely need to know

Written by Mansi gupta

‘Keno’ is a well known game nowadays. It is frequently played and appreciated by people in America. However,repparttar game was not born in America. It is a gift of China. The game has a long history, which also revealsrepparttar 145723 benefits that people of China accrued of this game. Keno is an invention of a Chinese named Cheung Leung. Throughrepparttar 145724 revenue of this game he wanted to helprepparttar 145725 soldiers of his town with arms and other material to ward off an attack. He succeeded in his motive andrepparttar 145726 game started to spread and develop. For some timerepparttar 145727 game was also known asrepparttar 145728 ‘White Pigeon Game’ when a white pigeon acted as a postman carryingrepparttar 145729 list of results ofrepparttar 145730 game from village to village. Butrepparttar 145731 game was not of numbers at that time as it is today. It was in fact based on a traditional Chinese poem called- “The Thousand Character Classic”. Laterrepparttar 145732 game traveled torepparttar 145733 land of America withrepparttar 145734 Chinese immigrants. There it was widely known as ‘Chinese Lottery’ and then ‘Horse Race Keno’. The term ‘horse’ was coined as a code word to numbers inrepparttar 145735 game. The language ofrepparttar 145736 betting was in term of horses and not numbers. This was done to keep aside any legal action for playing an illicit game.

The Present Scenario- Keno is a game of chance. It is one ofrepparttar 145737 most simple and easy game to play. The game is played with numbers. It can be played with a ticket or on board when you are online. There are eighty squares onrepparttar 145738 card that are marked one to eighty in a sequence. A player has to mark any number of spots not exceeding fifteen. Players most often are contended to mark sixty percent spots i.e. ten spots. The cards are then given for a copy along with punchingrepparttar 145739 marked spots. In many casinosrepparttar 145740 betting is done after markingrepparttar 145741 numbers while in othersrepparttar 145742 amount you bet should be decided prior torepparttar 145743 marking of spots or numbers.

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