The Next Generation...

Written by Terry Dashner

The Next Generation…

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Consider this. Star Trek: The Next Generation wrapped up its final season in May 1994. Although The Next Generation was an updated version ofrepparttar 1960s Star Trek series, its producers went beyond Star Trek’s: “Space—the final frontier” theme and exploited a new philosophy ofrepparttar 139728 emerging generation: postmodernism. What is postmodernism, anyway?

In his book entitled, A Primer on Postmodernism (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. 1996), Stanley J. Grenz states: “Like modern fiction in general,repparttar 139729 original Star Trek series reflected many aspects ofrepparttar 139730 Enlightenment project and of late modernity. The crew ofrepparttar 139731 Enterprise included persons of various nationalities working together forrepparttar 139732 common benefit of humankind. They wererepparttar 139733 epitome ofrepparttar 139734 modern universalist anthropology. The message was obvious: we are all human, and we must overcome our differences and join forces in order to complete our mandate,repparttar 139735 quest for certain, objective knowledge ofrepparttar 139736 entire universe of which space looms as ‘the final frontier.’”

Interesting. As you might recall from world history class 101,repparttar 139737 birth ofrepparttar 139738 modern era is usually placed atrepparttar 139739 dawn ofrepparttar 139740 Enlightenment (18th century). Building onrepparttar 139741 Renaissance,repparttar 139742 Enlightenment elevated man torepparttar 139743 center ofrepparttar 139744 world. During this timerepparttar 139745 French philosopher, Rene Descartes, turned western philosophy upside-down, literally. He focused on doubt, which led him to conclude thatrepparttar 139746 existence ofrepparttar 139747 thinking self isrepparttar 139748 first truth that doubt cannot deny (Grenz, page 3). Isaac Newton later providedrepparttar 139749 scientific framework for modernity, picturingrepparttar 139750 physical world as a machinerepparttar 139751 laws and regularity of which could be discerned byrepparttar 139752 human mind.

Moreover, it becamerepparttar 139753 goal ofrepparttar 139754 human intellectual quest to unlockrepparttar 139755 secrets ofrepparttar 139756 universe in order to master nature for human benefit and create a better world. This quest led torepparttar 139757 modernity characteristic ofrepparttar 139758 twentieth century, which has sought to bring rational management to life in order to improve human existence through technology (Grenz, page 3). In other words,repparttar 139759 universe is ruled by laws, perceived byrepparttar 139760 human intellect; therefore, educate humankind and knowledge will usher in a new age of enlightened men. Knowledge is power.

Then again, postmodernism represents a rejection ofrepparttar 139761 Enlightenment project andrepparttar 139762 foundational assumptions upon which it was built. Modernity has been under attack sincerepparttar 139763 German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), told us that God was dead. In eschewingrepparttar 139764 Enlightenment myth of inevitable progress, postmodernism replacesrepparttar 139765 optimism ofrepparttar 139766 last century with a gnawing pessimism. Gone isrepparttar 139767 belief that every day, in every way, we are getting better and better. Torepparttar 139768 postmodernist, knowledge is not objective. There are many paths to knowledge besides reason, includingrepparttar 139769 emotions andrepparttar 139770 intuition. The world is not simply an objective given that is ‘out there,’ waiting to be discovered and known; reality is relative, indeterminate, and participatory (Grenz, page 7). Wow. That’s heavy stuff.

Ghost Talk - EVP Helps You Hear Them Talk

Written by Gloria Young

When I began ghost hunting almost 15 years ago, I was in awe ofrepparttar information I had at my discretion. There were many different authors from years past that wrote books on ghosts and how they detected them that I was surprised I had information to follow. Ghost hunting has been ongoing sincerepparttar 139221 late 1800's. Then, just as now, there has been deceit and confusion. Many different groups today are trying to dispelrepparttar 139222 myths surrounding ghost hunting as well as coming up with new ideas, techniques and theories.

One of those techniques is EVP or electronic voice phenomenon. There are many different thoughts on EVP and how and why it's supposed to work. There was even recently a movie, "White Noise" that was supposed to shed some light on this subject but failed poorly at its' attempt. EVP has been around for years and we are only now beginning to really understand how it works. Very basically, EVP isrepparttar 139223 voice ofrepparttar 139224 dead. It is a voice that is heard either by a person performing their regular activities of daily living or by a recorder set up specifically for trying to capturerepparttar 139225 voice. It is thought that ghosts surround us every day. We do believe that they are everywhere. We have no real idea what they are doing except forrepparttar 139226 very real possibiility that ghosts show up at our homes to console, guide and watch over their loved ones. Ghosts were people. Most passed on under normal circumstances. It is these ghosts that can come back to visit and check on their loved ones.

During these visits, ghosts are able to capturerepparttar 139227 living's attention. They make things happen to get that attention. They might slam a door, make footsteps, knock something off a table or take something and hide it. They are trying to get your attention. They want to be acknowledged and will go to many different lengths to get that attention. They may even touch you. Once you allow your rational mind to understand that this is a possibility, you will get more contact. The ghost may have a message and want you to have it. It is up to you how this is dealt with.

One way of getting your attention is to talk. They may be able to whisper in your ear. If you are fortunate enough to have that happen, you should at least acknowledge that you hear them. They may be able to continue with a few more words. It is very difficult for ghosts to talk or do anything else for that matter. If you will only listen, they will talk to you and have wonderful things to tell you. EVP can be heard with your ear or a recorder and will be crisp and clear. We do not believe that it is necessary to manipulaterepparttar 139228 voice in any way. If it is a true EVP, you will not need to do that.

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