"The Newbie's Mind Set To Making It Online"

Written by Karl Augustine

Since approximately 90% of all online businesses fail, what type of mind set doesrepparttar newbie need to "make it"?

It depends on whatrepparttar 124180 levelrepparttar 124181 newbie is and whatrepparttar 124182 newbie wants fromrepparttar 124183 online business...one thing is certain, no matterrepparttar 124184 level or goal ofrepparttar 124185 newbie, their mind set can either make or break them.

Beforerepparttar 124186 newbie learns about FTP uploads, file saving, HTML editors, niche finding, advertising, list building, search engines, affiliate marketing, joint ventures, etc., he/she should takerepparttar 124187 time to getrepparttar 124188 right mind set before doing much else.

Why? Because starting and operating a successful online business from scratch is a journey that never ends unlessrepparttar 124189 netrepreneur wants it to.

Newbies of all levels must remember thatrepparttar 124190 online journey is exciting and arduous atrepparttar 124191 same time. The newbie's excitement level can spawn long productive learning/work sessions or result in lost time and money...both come withrepparttar 124192 territory.

Newbies who are computer literate, web literate, don't believe in overnight successes, and have a tremendous drive to make it work forrepparttar 124193 long haul still have challenges alongrepparttar 124194 way.

One ofrepparttar 124195 most interesting but amazing challenges is denying frustration. Frustration can be a result of a great many things...one ofrepparttar 124196 most frequent reasons newbies get frustrated is they don't believe running an online business isn't easy. Believing there won't be lots of work involved or that a newbie can do whatrepparttar 124197 experts do can makerepparttar 124198 newbie throw their hands inrepparttar 124199 air when they get partially along their journey.

Like frustration,repparttar 124200 challenge of not knowing who to believe or where to turn can makerepparttar 124201 newbie feel unsure of him/herself. The seemingly endless products and services and tales of greatness can makerepparttar 124202 newbie seem lost with no clear direction of what to do next.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Ezine?

Written by Tim Bossie

There are two reasons to publish an ezine. 1.) Give people information about your site, your product, or your industry.

2.) Keep your website information in front of people for as long as you can without having to spend more money to do it.

Really, when you sit right down to think about it... that's why we do it.

But, are you gettingrepparttar most out of your ezine? Is your ezine living up to it's full potential?

Before Anything Else Your Ezine IS Your Business.

When someone comes to me to for an advertising plan for their online marketing campaign, one ofrepparttar 124179 first questions I will ask them is, "Do you have an ezine?"

It's imperative that any online business, no matter what it is, has a tool, or avenue, to keep your website, and your knowledge ofrepparttar 124180 topic of your site, in front of your visitors for as long as you can. Here's why.

Each and every time you can send a visitor, or even a previous customer, something that they actually want to see, you are minimizing your advertising budget while maximizing return visits, repeat sales, and profits.

Ezines are essential to a prosperous, healthy, stable, strong, vibrant, and growing business.

Squeezing The Full Potential (or profits) Out Of Your Ezine With Every Issue.

That's your goal for each and every issue of your ezine that you send to your subscribers. And why not? Subscribers wantrepparttar 124181 best or they will go somewhere else, and spend their money there.

With that in mind, here are three powerful ways you can getrepparttar 124182 most out of your ezine with every issue.

Give The Subscriber What He/She Wants The backbone of your ezine is information. That'srepparttar 124183 whole premise behind actually publishing something. To give people information they can use.

When someone signs up for your ezine it's not because they want to be hit with an endless assault of ads. They want to learn. They want to find out ways of doing things that will help them. Articles arerepparttar 124184 best way to get your subscribers to stick around long enough forrepparttar 124185 next thing you should do.

Use Just One Great Offer! Follow me with this one. While you're givingrepparttar 124186 subscriber what they want, you're also inrepparttar 124187 business of getting what you want. But, you can't do that by shoving offer after offer after offer at them in each issue.

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