The New eBay Money Making Secret...EXPOSED!!

Written by Anthony Samuel

Copyright 2005 Anthony Samuel

The eBay Affiliate Program ( strives to make success of its members inevitable. The eBay Affiliate program has outlined some effective strategies and designed some effective tools to ensure you make money and have success. eBay’s Affiliate program, is already a success for so many people, and hasrepparttar benefit of experience to pass on to you. Once you become a member ofrepparttar 139806 Affiliate Program you can be making money in no time flat.

The Program has recognized four models that their most successful affiliates utilize. These models increase traffic or maximize potential in a variety of ways:

The first,repparttar 139807 natural search, occurs when people go to search engines with a query in hopes of receiving relevant search information. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL return listings from web sites that rankedrepparttar 139808 highest duringrepparttar 139809 search process. Affiliate Program members who optimize this strategy incorporate eBay’s helpful hints for natural searches. Indexed web sites with title pages and other rank-earning components earn more exposure, and increase their earnings with eBay.

The second model,repparttar 139810 paid search model, increases hits with search engines because this model pays for placement. This model includes results that would appear inrepparttar 139811 “sponsored links” section. While these cost money, they are a cost-effective way to target interested leads.

Is There Network Marketing Without Hype?

Written by Gobala Krishnan

Copyright 2005 Gobala Krishnan

When I was first exposed to network marketing atrepparttar age of 23 and introduced torepparttar 139805 idea that any average person can take control of their destiny for a better future, I could see new light of hope.

You see, for me, life had to be about making choices, andrepparttar 139806 lack of that ability so often in my growing years led me to believe that network marketing isrepparttar 139807 do-or-die answer. Little did I know or expectrepparttar 139808 amount of hype I was about to get in my first naive year in network marketing, which almost crushed my dreams simply because no one sharedrepparttar 139809 truth with me.

Is hype really necessary in network marketing? I honestly don't think so.

I hate hype andrepparttar 139810 very essence of trying to convince someone by using false or misleading words and deliberate interpretation of other people's words in order to get a sale or make a new MLM recruit. I believe in network marketing, butrepparttar 139811 hype that so often comes as a pre-packaged MLM "starter kit" almost destroyed what I believed in.

Here's why I don't believe hype is necessary in network marketing; because network marketing is not about selling false hopes to anyone. Network marketing is not about selling at all; it's about building long-term relationships and trust. Network marketing is not about convincing, it's about sorting.

If you were looking for a business partner, which one would you prefer? Someone who told yourepparttar 139812 truth, or someone who stretchedrepparttar 139813 truth whenever he can to keep you happy? Sad to say, you may well belong torepparttar 139814 first category as I do, but there are hundreds of people out there who actually welcomerepparttar 139815 hype.

These arerepparttar 139816 type of people who WANT you to tell them exactly what they want to hear. And what's that?

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