The New BMW 1 Series: Sheer Driving Pleasure Now Found In The Compact Class With BMW Aftermarket Parts at Parts Train

Written by Jenny McLane

The typical BMW drive concept, powerful engines, high-grade equipment andrepparttar experience of sheer driving fun offer a new and unique alternative inrepparttar 139721 new BMW 1 Series.

The 1 series is available in several configurations; a four-door hatch, two-door hatch, two-door coupe and a convertible (the latter two to be namedrepparttar 139722 2 series).

It has a long wheelbase with a short front overhang,repparttar 139723 lower roofline withrepparttar 139724 typical C-pillar kink andrepparttar 139725 characteristic front end withrepparttar 139726 "kidney" grille and double headlamps.

It has rear-wheel drive. Rear-wheel drive is a significant part of BMWs DNA. With rear-wheel, driverepparttar 139727 back wheels dorepparttar 139728 power delivery, leaving those atrepparttar 139729 front to get on with steering. Its a much more expensive option butrepparttar 139730 result is balance. The BMW Series 1 agility and steering precision is unique inrepparttar 139731 compact class. It ensures not only sporty and smooth handling of winding country roads, but also facilitates effortless urban driving pleasure. This is because - like all other BMW automobiles -repparttar 139732 1 Series has a front-mounted engine and rear wheel drive. Even inrepparttar 139733 tightest of bends there is no torque steers to be felt,repparttar 139734 rear wheels having optimal traction when transferringrepparttar 139735 engine's power ontorepparttar 139736 tarmac.

Customers will have an immediate choice of four four-cylinder engines. The models 116i (85 kW / 115 bhp) und 120i (110 kW / 150 bhp) feature further developed and refined BMW petrol engines. The two diesel versions,repparttar 139737 118d (90 kW / 122 bhp) and the120d (120 kW / 163 bhp) are equipped with high-torque diesel engines.

The New BMW M6 Coupe: One of the Most Beautiful Cars in the World With High Speed Engine Concept complimented with BMW Parts from Parts Train

Written by Jenny McLane

The all new BMW M6 Coupe isrepparttar most sophisticated and powerful 6 Series ever: five-liter engine capacity, 10 cylinders, 507 horsepower, 383 lb-ft maximum torque, and engine speed beyondrepparttar 139720 8,000 rpm limit.

The BMW M6 V-10 507 Hp Engine comes with allrepparttar 139721 driving dynamics required forrepparttar 139722 racetrack, while in terms of comfort and equipment it is simply ideal for all roads. Its chassis and suspension, elegant body in innovative lightweight technology, as well asrepparttar 139723 wide range of luxury equipment andrepparttar 139724 ten-cylinder high-speed engine givesrepparttar 139725 car a dynamic and impressive performance.

BMW's high-speed engine concept allows an optimum gearbox and final drive transmission ratio in all cases, thus guaranteeing impressive thrust and momentum onrepparttar 139726 road at all times. The engine control unit has ionic current technology serving to detect any tendency ofrepparttar 139727 engine to knock, misfire and suffer mis-combustion. This intelligent control unit is able to sense any tendency to knock viarepparttar 139728 spark plug in each cylinder, checkingrepparttar 139729 correct ignition setting and recognizing any tendency to misfire and thus allowingrepparttar 139730 engine to run as closely as possible to its theoretical limits, developing optimum power and performance inrepparttar 139731 process.

Variable dual-VANOS camshaft control ensures an optimum cylinder charge cycle. This means even more performance, an improved torque curve, optimum responsiveness, lower fuel consumption, and emissions reduced to a minimum.

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