The New Age Movement

Written by G Kumar

The New Age Movement

New Age - A Paradigm Shift to Divine Consciousness & a Universal Philosophy The New Age Movement (NAM) is a revival of spiritual and divine values and can be called as a Divine Regeneration Movement. New Age Philosophy has conqueredrepparttar West intellectually and Western culture is currently experiencing a phenomenal shift - sociological, spiritual & ideological. It's a secular, multi-cultural, multi-religious synthesis, ofrepparttar 126941 Oriental mystical philosophies, mainly Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism & Western Occultism, emphasising Holism,repparttar 126942 doctrine that Reality is organically One ( now taught in American Universities after Einstein's Theory of Relativity ). . Behindrepparttar 126943 evolution ofrepparttar 126944 species, there is an evolution of Consciousness. The aim of Life is Self-Actualisation, to evolve torepparttar 126945 level of Unity Consciousness, defined asrepparttar 126946 7th state of Consciousness in Transcendental Philosophy.

The social disturbance caused byrepparttar 126947 Vietnam War,repparttar 126948 threat posed by AIDS,repparttar 126949 disillusionment with materialistic ideas andrepparttar 126950 erosion of faith in Morality & Ethics brought a sense of futility & meaninglessness inrepparttar 126951 Western psyche.The limitations ofrepparttar 126952 Western system of Chemotherapy & adverse side-effects of antibiotics, sedatives and certain other drugs andrepparttar 126953 disillusionment withrepparttar 126954 promises of science & technology made millions turn to Oriental philosophies, occult practices & systems of therapy.( Interest in Alternative Medicine developed to such an extent that there are now more than 180 systems of Alternative Medicine. Exponents of New Age Philosophy in Europe and America include Transcendentalists like Thoreau, Emerson & Walt Whitman, Wordsworth, Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), , & Theosophy introduced by Madame Helena Blavatsky (1831- 1891) & Col Olcott &repparttar 126955 philosopher, Annie Besant. Asrepparttar 126956 world witnessed a Consciousness Revolution, Transcendental Meditation, Yoga ,Zen, Carlos Castaņada,repparttar 126957 Beatles, Holistic Medicine ( both Western and Ayurveda ), Tantra, Astrology ( both Western & Vedic ) all became popular .

There are 6 million New Age sites onrepparttar 126958 Web andrepparttar 126959 NAM consists of a massive & well organised network consisting of thousands of groups, trusts, foundations, clubs, lodges, and spiritual groups whose goal and purpose is to preparerepparttar 126960 world to enterrepparttar 126961 coming Aquarian Age. ( The Age of Aquarius ). In astrological symbolism, Aquarius represents Spirituality and Pisces Rationality. The Piscean Age, an age of Computer and Cybernetics revolution, will be followed by an Age of Consciousness Revolution or a Spiritual Revolution,repparttar 126962 Aquarian Age.

Some New Age Organisations are : California New Age Caucus, New World Alliance, World Goodwill, The Church Universal and Triumphant, The Theosophical Society, Amnesty International, Zero Population Growth,repparttar 126963 Forum, Planetary Initiative forrepparttar 126964 World We Choose,repparttar 126965 Club of Rome, Church Universal & Triumphant, Christian Science, andrepparttar 126966 Unity School of Christianity.

New Age believes inrepparttar 126967 essential goodness of Man andrepparttar 126968 Divine Spark in Man andrepparttar 126969 New Age movement is not a unified cult system of beliefs and practices, even though its roots derive from Vedic Philosophy. There is no central authority, no official leader, no headquarters, nor membership list, but instead is a network of groups working toward World Peace and Universal Love. There are millions of worldwide followers of various New Age practices andrepparttar 126970 world is moving from Chaos ( Disorder ) to Cosmos ( Order ) ! This is a Phase Transition from Entropy ( Disorder ) to Order !

Significant influence has been gained by NAM affecting almost every area of Occidental culture -- Sociology, Psychology, Medicine,repparttar 126971 Government, Ecology, Science, Arts, Education,repparttar 126972 Business Community,repparttar 126973 media, entertainment, sports, and evenrepparttar 126974 Church. Organised spiritual forms such as Christian Science, Unity and even forms of Witchcraft ( fromrepparttar 126975 German ' Wicca' meaningrepparttar 126976 Wise; Witchcraft meansrepparttar 126977 Craft ofrepparttar 126978 Wise ) are all its expressions. Various Human Potential Seminars, Transcendental Meditation, Zen Meditation and some Alternative Holistic Medicine practices are also its manifold manifestations.

Some popular New Age publications and journals are New Age Journal,repparttar 126979 Z Files, Clarity, Body Mind Spirit, Yoga Journal, Gnosis, East West, Noetic Sciences,repparttar 126980 Millenium Being and Omega. The new tendency of people now is to view everything from a New Age perspective

The major goal ofrepparttar 126981 New Age Movement is to prepare Man for enteringrepparttar 126982 Aquarian Age and to bring world peace in an already bruised world. "All is wrong withrepparttar 126983 world" said Shaw & some ofrepparttar 126984 other goals ofrepparttar 126985 NAM are to establish an entirely New World Order inrepparttar 126986 fields of Economy & Government. The idea of a World Government was proposed by Bernard Shaw earlier and was implemented by Mahesh Yogi and occurs inrepparttar 126987 writings ofrepparttar 126988 foundational apostle ofrepparttar 126989 New Age Movement, Alice Bailey.

The word 'Initiation" is derived fromrepparttar 126990 Latin "In ire" to go within and Initiates were termed byrepparttar 126991 Great Master asrepparttar 126992 salt ofrepparttar 126993 Earth. The mystic Ward defined Reality as "Within and within and within and within" . Another mystic described it as "It is hidden, it is hidden and it is hidden". Torepparttar 126994 mystic, self evolution isrepparttar 126995 means and only by changing and correcting ourselves can we change others . The primary goals ofrepparttar 126996 movement then, are to preparerepparttar 126997 world to receiverepparttar 126998 Divine Consciousness and to enterrepparttar 126999 Age of Aquarius, thus establishingrepparttar 127000 New World Order.

New Age Philosophy believes that human evolution can be accelerated, if not inrepparttar 127001 entire mass of humanity, at least in suitable individuals. Human nature is perfectible, through an intensive process of purification and Initiation.

The New Age Movement is secular & universally diffused overrepparttar 127002 earth's surface & its basic underlying philosophy emphasises Gnosticism and Occultism. (Gnosticism is an ancient philosophy stating that Divine essence isrepparttar 127003 highest reality, and thatrepparttar 127004 Self of man is actually this Essence. Behindrepparttar 127005 phenomenal world isrepparttar 127006 Transcendent Reality which Intuition alone can see ). It bears a remarkable resemblance torepparttar 127007 Universal Religion that H.G. Wells predicted would one day take overrepparttar 127008 world.

The six main characteristics of New Age thinking are: (1) All is Unity; (2) All is Divine (3) Humanity is divine (4) A change in Consciousness; (5) All religions are One; and (6) Cosmic Evolutionary optimism. Basically Dialectical Integralism, New Age Philosophy unites both Matter and Spirit.

Spirit shall see through Matter's gaze

Matter shall revealrepparttar 127009 Spirit's face !

The 13 main principles of New Age Philosophy are:

(1) One Global Order - One World Governement, One Currency, One Universal Being.

Written by Jerry Schoonmaker

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