The Never Ending Work to Get Traffic to Your Website

Written by Francisco Aloy

by Francisco Aloy

Building and setting up your website is an accomplishment for anyone, even more so for a Newbie. Allrepparttar things you had to learn,repparttar 131586 never ending study curve;repparttar 131587 general feeling there's going to be a "gotcha" just waiting for you. Looking back you seerepparttar 131588 mountain of work you've done; feels good, doesn’t it?

Take a deep breath, my friend,repparttar 131589 real work is just about to start! Yes,repparttar 131590 never-ending job of promoting and marketing your website is waiting for you. Though accomplishingrepparttar 131591 setup and building phase is a feather in your cap, leave those laurels alone and roll up your sleeves; your work is just barely beginning.

Just because your website is there, doesn't mean you're going to get any visitors. You must letrepparttar 131592 Search Engines andrepparttar 131593 Net at large know that you are open for business. Other thanrepparttar 131594 occasional redo of your site, marketing and promotion is going to occupy most of your time. Believe me, it is never-ending work.

The only way your website will grow and provide a self-sustaining income is to get traffic to it. The theory is that if your visitors are targeted, some of them will purchase your products. Consider these resources to get traffic:

a) Go torepparttar 131595 forums that are related to what you do and post knowledgeable answers to questions in your area of interest. It will draw visitors to your website because they will come to think of you as an expert. As a side benefit, each posting will elevate your Page Rank if you use a signature and include an anchor text link to your website. Onrepparttar 131596 minus side, some ofrepparttar 131597 folks that visit will be your competitors.

b) Do your best to get indexed by allrepparttar 131598 major Search Engines and directories. Many of your buying customers will be provided by them. The easiest method to get indexed is to post in many ofrepparttar 131599 relevant blogs; they get spidered quite often and will follow a link back to your website.

Why Google and Yahoo will eventually lose.

Written by Ratliff J

For those of us inrepparttar Adwords and Overture business, we all know how Google and Yahoo have changed their practice of allowing pharmacy related advertising to any program not approved by squaretrade.

Apparently, they took some heat fromrepparttar 131582 US government, as well as some publishers onrepparttar 131583 issue. Here is why it not only is costing Google and Yahoo money, butrepparttar 131584 little guy lost big.

1. Squaretrade charges $200 + $50 a month for an approved seal that will allow you to sell prescription drugs via an affiliate link to an approved pharmacy.

2. Squaretrade does allow Canada pharmacies and affiliates to join, but they must have a disclaimer stating thatrepparttar 131585 FDA does not reccomend ordering drugs intorepparttar 131586 US from Canada.

3. The little guy now has two problems. The first is to find a pharmacy that is approved. The second is to payrepparttar 131587 outrageous fee.

4. Google still shows thousands of unlicensed websites in their search listings, so obviously it does not care that much.

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