The Nature of Christian Deception - From Recognizing Deception and Apostasy

Written by Dene McGriff

The Nature of Christian Deception

Inrepparttar last chapter ofrepparttar 146631 Book of Daniel, it says twice thatrepparttar 146632 words ofrepparttar 146633 prophecy should be “sealed up and concealed untilrepparttar 146634 end ofrepparttar 146635 age.” Christians have been trying their best to determinerepparttar 146636 meaning ofrepparttar 146637 prophetic books ofrepparttar 146638 Bible but it will only be revealed torepparttar 146639 generation with a “need to know.” Christian writers tried to interpret prophecy in terms of their historical, political and social context. It is easy to see how things could get off.

The biggest source of deception, in my opinion, comes from confusion relating to dispensationalism, a doctrine which started inrepparttar 146640 19th century. It started as a vision thatrepparttar 146641 church would experience a “secret rapture” prior torepparttar 146642 tribulation. Once theologians believed thatrepparttar 146643 church was gone, they came up with a theory thatrepparttar 146644 church age (or dispensation) ended withrepparttar 146645 rapture and that God’s attention turned back to Israel. Today, fundamental Christianity is so steeped in this tradition that they can’t see beyond it. What started as a little doctrine has grown to be a huge system of doctrine with one error compounding upon another. This is called systematized error.

This is a huge subject for another book but suffice it to say at this point thatrepparttar 146646 question is not so muchrepparttar 146647 timing ofrepparttar 146648 rapture, butrepparttar 146649 importance ofrepparttar 146650 church and Israel to be present asrepparttar 146651 “Two Witnesses” of Revelation 11 –repparttar 146652 two olive trees andrepparttar 146653 two lampstands. The failure of Christians to seerepparttar 146654 Church in every chapter ofrepparttar 146655 book of Revelations has blinded them torepparttar 146656 essential role both groups have.

If Christians assumerepparttar 146657 church will not be here duringrepparttar 146658 Tribulation period, they will missrepparttar 146659 signs. In working on an up coming book, we have read and rereadrepparttar 146660 great theologians ofrepparttar 146661 past – Ironsides, Pentecost, Barnhouse and many others torepparttar 146662 present such as Ryrie, Walvoord, Steadman, etc. The blindness of these men caused by one false assumption has led torepparttar 146663 failure of an entire generation to grasprepparttar 146664 significance ofrepparttar 146665 last days torepparttar 146666 church and an escapism worthy ofrepparttar 146667 Laodicean Church.

When A Good Man Becomes A “God-Man”

Written by Doug Krieger

When A Good Man

Becomes A “God-Man”

By Doug Krieger

“And I saw another beast coming up out ofrepparttar earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon. And he exercises allrepparttar 146630 authority ofrepparttar 146631 first beast in his presence. And he makesrepparttar 146632 earth and those who dwell in it to worshiprepparttar 146633 first beast, whose fatal wound was healed. And he performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down out of heaven torepparttar 146634 earth inrepparttar 146635 presence of men. And he deceives those who dwell onrepparttar 146636 earth because ofrepparttar 146637 signs which it was given him to perform inrepparttar 146638 presence ofrepparttar 146639 beast, telling those who dwell onrepparttar 146640 earth to make an image torepparttar 146641 beast who hadrepparttar 146642 wound ofrepparttar 146643 sword and has come to life. And there was given to him to give breath torepparttar 146644 image ofrepparttar 146645 beast, thatrepparttar 146646 image ofrepparttar 146647 beast might even speak and cause as many as do not worshiprepparttar 146648 image ofrepparttar 146649 beast to be killed. And he causes all,repparttar 146650 small andrepparttar 146651 great, andrepparttar 146652 rich andrepparttar 146653 poor, andrepparttar 146654 free men andrepparttar 146655 slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand, or on their forehead, and he provides that no one should be able to buy or to sell, exceptrepparttar 146656 one who hasrepparttar 146657 mark, eitherrepparttar 146658 name ofrepparttar 146659 beast orrepparttar 146660 number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding, calculaterepparttar 146661 number ofrepparttar 146662 beast, forrepparttar 146663 number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six” (Revelation 13:11-18).

The Funeral And Legacy Of Pope John Paul II

The past several weeks have witnessedrepparttar 146664 adulation, adoration, and funeral extravaganza orchestrated byrepparttar 146665 hierarchy, viz.,repparttar 146666 College of Cardinals ofrepparttar 146667 Roman Catholic Church, on behalf of Pope John Paul II. Indeed, it representsrepparttar 146668 world’s ecumenical capstone torepparttar 146669 life and legacy of this one entitledrepparttar 146670 “Supreme Pontiff.”

The funeral was attended by 5 kings, 6 queens, 28 prime ministers, 53 presidents, countless dignitaries and religious leaders.

“The late Pope had made 'Christian Unity', healingrepparttar 146671 sometimes-bitter ties withrepparttar 146672 non-Catholic Christian world, a central tenet of his Papacy. The results of those efforts were clearly displayed inrepparttar 146673 very sincere and heart-felt sorrow that coloredrepparttar 146674 faces ofrepparttar 146675 array of Orthodox, Coptic, Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist and sundry other church leaders and delegates in attendance.” (Anthony Smith, 8 April 05, Tiscali.europe)

Numerous editorialists and historians are callingrepparttar 146676 funeralrepparttar 146677 largest in history; whilerepparttar 146678 press speculatesrepparttar 146679 impact ofrepparttar 146680 man andrepparttar 146681 Church he represents, to wit:

“Withrepparttar 146682 experience of two millennia,repparttar 146683 Catholic Church is a past master at ceremony. But no-one could have predictedrepparttar 146684 extraordinary way in whichrepparttar 146685 funeral of Pope John Paul II dominatedrepparttar 146686 attention ofrepparttar 146687 whole world. It is not justrepparttar 146688 millions of Catholic faithful who have poured through St Peter’s Square. Or evenrepparttar 146689 global billions watching on television. Over 200 ofrepparttar 146690 world’s leading statesmen, including George W. Bush and two former American presidents, dropped everything to attendrepparttar 146691 Pope’s internment. What does this extraordinary event signify?

“Inrepparttar 146692 last generation,repparttar 146693 historic divisions inside Christianity have suddenly weakened, in self-defense againstrepparttar 146694 increasing secularization of western culture. Evenrepparttar 146695 fundamentalist evangelical sects inrepparttar 146696 United States find themselves making common cause withrepparttar 146697 Catholic Church - America’s biggest denomination - against abortion rights. As a result of this melting ofrepparttar 146698 sectarian divisions, Rome is again recovering its status as de facto leader ofrepparttar 146699 Christian world.” (April 9, 2005, - Pope's funeral a reminder that institutions can be revived)

Pope John Paul II is most noteworthy in championingrepparttar 146700 cause of human rights, tearing downrepparttar 146701 iron curtain of communism in Europe, traveling to some 129 nations, and in spite of former President Clinton’s “mixed legacy” left by Pope John Paul II, has been, and will be considered, one ofrepparttar 146702 greatest popes of all time. No wonder thatrepparttar 146703 millions gathered at St. Peter’s squares and adjoining promenades and porticos chanted in unison SANTO SUBITO – “Immediate Sainthood” for Pope John Paul II, THE GREAT!

In contrast to Clinton’s remarks, President Bush heraldedrepparttar 146704 praises of Pope John Paul II, to wit:

“I think John Paul II will have a clear legacy of peace, compassion and a strong legacy of setting a clear moral tone," Bush said, later asking reporters to amend his remarks to insert "excellent" to describerepparttar 146705 legacy.” (April 10, 2005, Seattle Times)

The world and US media committed excessive coverage ofrepparttar 146706 Pope’s death and funeral proceedings juxtaposed to that ofrepparttar 146707 Presidential race (ten times more coverage); likewise, this coverage was atrepparttar 146708 expense of a great deal of significant issues and news throughoutrepparttar 146709 planet of 6 billion souls.

The veneration and nearly four hour funeral of this mortal man, whose claim asrepparttar 146710 Vicar of Christ (i.e., “holdingrepparttar 146711 delegated authority of Christ on earth”), was perhapsrepparttar 146712 most ostentatious display of grandiose religiosity ever portrayed, and certainly, ever-conveyed torepparttar 146713 world as a result of Twenty-first Century technological advancements.

“That They All May Be One”

The Catholic world, yea,repparttar 146714 world in general, was transfixed upon this man, his legacy, andrepparttar 146715 Roman Church’s pomp and circumstance for days on end—let alonerepparttar 146716 spectacled of choosing a new Pope. Indeed, leading American evangelicals as a result of this Pope’s 1995 encyclical, “Ut Unum Sint” (That All May Be One) becamerepparttar 146717 hallmark of his papacy for Protestants who yearn for “unity” and moral clarity againstrepparttar 146718 encroachments of secularism and relativism sweepingrepparttar 146719 West, especiallyrepparttar 146720 European West.

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