The Nature of Anger

Written by Kevin B. Burk, Author of The Relationship Handbook

Many of us have some very definite ideas about anger. We see anger as destructive and hurtful. We consider it to be an inappropriate response. We equate anger with violence. In short, we feel that anger is simply wrong, and that when we experience anger, there's something wrong with us. Anger isn't nice. Anger isn't polite. And anger certainly isn't our friend.

Anger can be all of these things. But anger is also useful, necessary and even healing. We need our anger. We simply need to learn how to express our anger in appropriate, conscious, supportive ways. On its own, anger is neither good nor bad. It can be used to hurt, or it can be used to heal. It may not be a particularly pleasant emotion, but it's an important one. We can all benefit from exploringrepparttar nature of anger.

Guy Williams, a friend of mine who also happens to be a minister of Religious Science offers a tremendously insightful approach for understanding anger. Guy says that anger arises from a communication not delivered or an expectation not met. Anger is actually a tertiary response: our initial responses are grief and fear. First, we grieverepparttar 122239 death ofrepparttar 122240 expectation that was not met. Next, we fear that things will never change. Finally, we experience anger.

So few of us recognize that anger can be a positive, healing response. When we allow ourselves to experience anger, it focuses our minds, and strengthens our resolve. We discover reserves of strength and power. Our anger is what gives usrepparttar 122241 courage andrepparttar 122242 power to confront our fear that things will never change, by creating change.

Let's consider an example. We expect that our boundaries will be

Ghost Story - Investigating The Old Agnews Hospital

Written by Gloria Young

Unsuspecting commuters and distant travelers pass by a neglected old Lafayette Street landmark, not realizing that within its massive exterior dwells something fromrepparttar other side of reality...something that makes one's skin tingle and envelopes one's body creating labored breathing and sweaty pores.

Justrepparttar 122238 sight of this immense structure during daylight will evoke a feeling of apprehension and viewing this structure after sundown will evoke a much stronger apprehension. The whole area looks dilapidated and in disarray. The paint is peeling and flaking off its walls, windows are boarded up, withered vegetation clings to rough edges aroundrepparttar 122239 structure as if in a death grip.We were introduced torepparttar 122240 property's caretaker. He and his wife speak of mysterious happenings in and around this old structure after sundown. The caretaker points torepparttar 122241 bushes outside this old convalescent hospital, stating that they will react strangely as people pass by. The wife is in fear for her baby, and because of this she says she keeps a loaded gun near her at all times.No one has spentrepparttar 122242 night inside this old structure since it closed down almost five years ago.We decided to investigate this old convalescent home and attempt to determine if there really was anything going on that would cause such fear in people.We arrived atrepparttar 122243 old hospital a little after 6 p.m. and met with a handful of workers who were taking some ofrepparttar 122244 fixtures out. The building was destined to be demolished in about two weeks. The workers continued working until 8 p.m.

Duringrepparttar 122245 time that they are still there, we wandered throughoutrepparttar 122246 dusty hallways and climbed up and downrepparttar 122247 creaky stairs to get a feel for where everything was and became familiar withrepparttar 122248 floor plan. Whenrepparttar 122249 sun went down, there would be no lights and someone could trip over something or worse, get lost inrepparttar 122250 maze of rooms there are in this building. Even in daylight, this building has an unusual way of making you feel on edge. It is almost too much for me as I walk slowly pastrepparttar 122251 open doorways torepparttar 122252 rooms inrepparttar 122253 convalescent hospital.I tried to imagine what it must have been like when old people walked these halls or were taken torepparttar 122254 various areas ofrepparttar 122255 hospital. We walked into a bathroom and I noticed thatrepparttar 122256 tubs are now caked with dirt and dust from years of neglect. Dirty stains encirclerepparttar 122257 tubs and toilets andrepparttar 122258 mirrors are fogged.We all feel pretty safe with our flashlights and equipment andrepparttar 122259 workers not too far away. Sounds of drills and saws fillrepparttar 122260 air but soon they ceased. The workers left and we were alone in this building.Slowly we made our way back torepparttar 122261 front ofrepparttar 122262 building and took a look uprepparttar 122263 stairs one last time beforerepparttar 122264 workers were all gone for good.

The workers leave and wish us luck. Someone tells us that no one has ever been able to stay in this building for a few hours let alone overnight. We tell them we were here to investigate and why. Why is it that no one can stay here? We wanted to find out why things were happening in this building. We might not get another chance.

We decided to start onrepparttar 122265 first floor and work our way up torepparttar 122266 third floor. We decided to stay together. Even though we had walkie-talkies and everyone was buddied with another, we decided it would be safer to be together. We were unsure aboutrepparttar 122267 stability ofrepparttar 122268 floors orrepparttar 122269 building.The sun had gone down but faint light filtered throughrepparttar 122270 windows. The rooms were getting dimmer and dimmer until it got totally dark. Although there were streetlights andrepparttar 122271 safety ofrepparttar 122272 street was not far away, I felt very apprehensive at that point.

We started to make our way throughrepparttar 122273 first floor. There were boxes and barrels and construction equipment all overrepparttar 122274 floor and we had to watch our step as we made our way through room after room. If not for our footsteps onrepparttar 122275 floor and an occasional clicking of cameras or changing of tapes,repparttar 122276 whole building would have been deathly quiet. We reachedrepparttar 122277 end ofrepparttar 122278 first floor. We had taken a lot of readings and a lot of pictures for documentation. By my watch it was 10 p.m. We started to make our way torepparttar 122279 second floor. We began to settle in to our tasks and joked a bit. Inrepparttar 122280 middle of a joke, someone said to no one in particular - do you hear that? We stopped in our tracks about halfway uprepparttar 122281 stairs. Suddenly, arms go up and recorders are turned on. We wait breathlessly. There it is again. It is faint, but audible. So faint though, I don't think our recorders can pick it up. A lady is calling someone. The voice, small, yet quiet...young sounding. "Come here". Pause. "Come here". Four out of five in our group heard it. It was coming from above us. Don't know where. Don't know from whom. We had not yet reachedrepparttar 122282 landing ofrepparttar 122283 second floor. A member of our group stopped suddenly. He was feeling a tingling moving slowly up his legs. We stopped and waited to see what would happen. Suddenly, there were clicking sounds. The type of clicking sounds that happen when someone would "flick their Bic". They happened in no regular pattern...3, 4, 5, 6 times. They stopped and then another voice...faint, strained -- "nurse". Pause. "Nurse". An old man calling out, his voice strained as though he could barely talk. We all were standing still, motionless. Our eyes were all fixed onrepparttar 122284 landing inrepparttar 122285 darkness ahead of us. These sounds were coming from up there, apparently from outside a room or inrepparttar 122286 darkened hallway. They had an echo quality to them.Then they were gone. As soon asrepparttar 122287 sounds came, they were gone and then dead silence. We were definitely aware of everything going on around us. Our senses were extremely heightened. We waited for what seemed like hours. It was probably only about 15 minutes. We all decided to go on. We got torepparttar 122288 second story landing and looked torepparttar 122289 left downrepparttar 122290 long hall...nothing - and torepparttar 122291 right and there is nothing. Nothing moving, nobody breathing and darkness for as far asrepparttar 122292 eyes could see. We heard sounds, which we attributed torepparttar 122293 building.

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