The Narrow Path

Written by Jenean Matthews

The Narrow Path By Jenean Matthews

Dear Entrepreneur:

I'm glad to see you're still onrepparttar path to success. Many have begun this journey atrepparttar 117826 same time as you but have dropped off byrepparttar 117827 way side. Some were too weary to go on. Some lost hope alongrepparttar 117828 way and others tookrepparttar 117829 wrong path and detoured into trying to get rich quick, offering scams and other unethical procedures. But you are persevering step after step onrepparttar 117830 road to your success.

Perhaps you've reached that fork inrepparttar 117831 road where you have to make another choice in deciding which direction to go. You've built your web page and sent your web address all overrepparttar 117832 web world. This may have generated some sales but maybe not what you expected. It may be time to step offrepparttar 117833 broad path and enter ontorepparttar 117834 narrow path.

What isrepparttar 117835 narrow path? The narrow path isrepparttar 117836 point where you realizerepparttar 117837 whole world is not your market. You may believe in your product so much that you're thinkingrepparttar 117838 whole world does need your product or service, but unfortunately they don't. Even if you were selling water, which is something everyone needs, your market is notrepparttar 117839 whole world. Some people want tap water, some distilled water, some spring water, some ice water and some may want to live byrepparttar 117840 water and go out torepparttar 117841 well or brook everyday and get it straight fromrepparttar 117842 source. So you see, you must take this turn downrepparttar 117843 narrow path.

I've hit this point myself. As a person selling what I believe to be high-quality gift or specialty items and vitamins and herbs, I thought my market was much larger than it really is. You tell me who doesn't want to buy nice things and take extra care of their bodies. Well, some people want to get things from very a variety of souces such as getting their nutrition from supplements, others want to eatrepparttar 117844 healthiest foods possible and some just don't think it takes all that to remain healthy. So off I've gone downrepparttar 117845 narrow path.

First Impressions - What Your Site Is Saying About You

Written by Jenean Matthews

First Impressions - What Your Site Says About You. By Jenean Matthews

I'm sure you've heardrepparttar saying "First Impressions, are lasting impressions". This saying is very true. Every time you meet someone forrepparttar 117825 first time an impression is made. Things are no different onrepparttar 117826 internet. Even though you, as a person, can't be seen, your site says a lot about you once it is visited forrepparttar 117827 first time. What type of impression are you leaving?

In our online experience we've clicked on many sites. We have developed first impressions on numerous occasions. Here are a few impressions a site may leave:

The Immediate Sales Site How would you like it if you went to purchase a new computer and upon walking intorepparttar 117828 storerepparttar 117829 salesperson met you atrepparttar 117830 door with a computer in hand and escorted you torepparttar 117831 cash register? You would turn around and walk out wouldn't you.

Well some sites are like that. As soon as you click onrepparttar 117832 URL you are immediately hit with a sales pitch. You don't know whorepparttar 117833 site owner is and you're not familiar withrepparttar 117834 brand of products being offered. They may be offeringrepparttar 117835 type of product you're looking for, which is why you're at repparttar 117836 site but you need more information before you make a decision and it's just not offered. Likerepparttar 117837 computer example, you'll probably leave that site.

A good salespeople introduce themselves, ask you what you are looking for, allow you to browse around if you want, give you directions to specific areas ofrepparttar 117838 store that may interest you and are there for you when they're needed. A site that doesn't have an immediate hard sales pitch, is user-friendly and introducesrepparttar 117839 owner ofrepparttar 117840 site leaves a good impression.

Flea Market Site This site occurs as a result ofrepparttar 117841 associate programs wave. I'm all for associate programs. I have signed up for a few also. The problem withrepparttar 117842 flea market site is everything is being offered onrepparttar 117843 same page. It's to cluttered.

When you first walk into a flea market you're presented with everything you can possibly think of. People are selling used items, collectibles, some new items, and everything else. Nothing is neat or orderly, it's a flea market. You’re there to find bargains and no more.

Is that what you really want said about your site? You have a lot of good quality products to offer butrepparttar 117844 site needs some order. Ebay is an excellent example of a flea market site that's set up correctly. Even though they are offering a wide variety of items through their sellers,repparttar 117845 site is set up with specific categories and everything is easy to find. They don't try to offer allrepparttar 117846 products onrepparttar 117847 first page. That would be overwhelming and confusing.

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