The Naked Truth about Doorway Pages

Written by Michael Buck

Ever wonder whyrepparttar use of "doorway pages" in search engine optimization is getting such a bad rap?

One day, you hear they’rerepparttar 128186 best way to get ranked inrepparttar 128187 search engines. Butrepparttar 128188 next day, you read that they'll get you banned! Is this criticism valid?

Let's raiserepparttar 128189 curtain, and exposerepparttar 128190 truth about doorway pages, and how they can affect your search engine rankings.

The truth is that doorway pages, themselves, are notrepparttar 128191 problem.

The *development and use* of doorway pages are what make repparttar 128192 difference between a site that gets black-balled fromrepparttar 128193 engines and one that’s listed atrepparttar 128194 top ofrepparttar 128195 search results.

Getting your pages accepted byrepparttar 128196 engines is as simple as making informed decisions... and using means acceptable by repparttar 128197 search engines’ current preferences.

Here are some simple guidelines you can use to stay on track with your doorway pages.

1) Content is King

The search engines are becoming more sophisticated in their ways of selecting who getsrepparttar 128198 top spots. And now, more than ever, they look closely atrepparttar 128199 content or body text of your web pages.

For instance, they use text filters to detect duplicate text, code or META tags. If you steal someone’s content,repparttar 128200 search engines can block YOUR web page and possibly your entire website. This is done to filter outrepparttar 128201 repetitive material (and other garbage) fromrepparttar 128202 search results.

Probablyrepparttar 128203 most effective doorway pages are those containing brief articles, or other informative info, relevant torepparttar 128204 topic and keyword(s). Articles should be approximately 300-600 words in length and focus on no more than a few related keywords. Attempting to focus one page on too many keywords will dilute your efforts and diminish results.

(This article is a great example of content that could be used to get ranked onrepparttar 128205 term “doorway pages.” It contains 629 words, andrepparttar 128206 phrase “doorway pages” is used 11 times.) 2) Proper Keyword Use

About Doorway Pages

Written by Rajesh. V. Tavakari

So how do you position your web site atrepparttar top of search engine results ? Use doorway pages. Doorway pages, also known as entry or bridge pages, are Web pages designed specifically to rank highly onrepparttar 128185 unique ranking algorithms of each search engine.

The two best things about using doorway pages is that they cost far less than other promotional tools such as banner ads, and they work better when properly designed.

To put it simple, a doorway page is created usingrepparttar 128186 kind of text statistics and factors that make a page rank highly on a particular engine for a particular keyword or phrase.

A doorway is designed forrepparttar 128187 search engines, to makerepparttar 128188 search engines "happy". The doorway page then links to your main site and takes your visitors there. A web site is designed for people, to make people "happy", to fill a need, make money, whatever.

However, what is good for people is not always good forrepparttar 128189 search engine. If, for example, you have a web site that has a lot of graphics and hardly any text, or one that runs on a database and creates dynamically generated pages, or one that is in a highly competitive area, or even one that deals with a wide variety of general topics, chances are that your pages will rank very poorly on search engine rankings.

This creates a serious dilemma: how to make web pages that are both pleasing, useful, and logical to humans, and atrepparttar 128190 same time super-friendly to search engines.

For more information on Doorway pages read my article : Doorway Pages.

Usually, a page that ranks well on one engine may not rank well on other engines. Assuming that you want to make sure that you are ranked highly onrepparttar 128191 five top engines (AltaVista, HotBot, Lycos, Infoseek and Excite Yahoo does not accept doorway pages), you have to make five versions of each doorway page, each optimized for a particular engine.

What goes intorepparttar 128192 making of a doorway page?

First, you have to know that ranking criteria varies from search engine to search engine. Most evaluaterepparttar 128193 placement of keywords or keyword phrases on various parts of your pages based simultaneously on all these criteria:

1.Prominence ofrepparttar 128194 keyword searched how early in a page a keyword appears.

2. Frequency ofrepparttar 128195 keyword searched number of timesrepparttar 128196 keyword appears. Be careful about this. Simply repeatingrepparttar 128197 keyword will not work because grammatical structure and keyword weight also plays a role.

3. Site Popularity a few search engines consider how popular your site is when ranking.

4. "Weight" ofrepparttar 128198 keyword that isrepparttar 128199 ratio of keywords to all other words. Each search engine has a threshold. If your page crosses that threshold,repparttar 128200 engine labels it as Spam and ignores it.

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